Threats, pressure to lose weight and intimidation: Cynthia de la Vega's testimony against Lupita Jones regains strength


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In the midst of the controversy unleashed by the statements of the current beauty queen of Mexico, Sofía Aragón, against the promoter of this event Lupita Jones, other representatives of this type of pageant have raised their voices to tell their experience and Cynthia de la Vega recalled that she was fired because she did not have the tools to lose weight and also received threats.

Although De la Vega was the first to share her experience with Jones 10 years ago when she was Nuestra Belleza Miss World Mexico 2010, now her testimony is gaining strength and she decided to use this controversy to clean up her image, as well as support the also host from TV Azteca.

On that occasion, the now promoter of this type of beauty pageant in Nuevo León commented that she received an ultimatum from Lupita Jones to lose around eight kilograms in a month, which she had to achieve without the help from a nutritionist.

After not achieving the goal, the winner of Miss Universe 1991 decided to strip Cynthia of her crown, but not without giving her some threats and accusing her of being undisciplined.

Almost 10 years after her forced retirement, Cynthia de la Vega recounted how she was pressured by Lupita Jones to obtain her resignation. " If necessary we make a photomontage (about inappropriate behavior), because I am supported by a company that is a monster and it is Televisa, and you will know how they want to handle it," she heard from the first Mexican to be Miss Universe.

The former Representative highlighted that she was shaping up to win the Miss World 2011 contest, so this could trigger Jones' dissatisfaction and his dismissal. “He put his foot in me, I was in first place in the polls. Mexico had just won Miss Universe and it sounded a lot that I would be the first Mexican Miss World and I feel that she was scared . Having said 'in the tower and where the first Miss World is, it will be like me. It would be the first Miss World and I would be the first Miss Universe. ' And there is a struggle of ego and power ”, he declared in an interview with Ventaneando .

For the also model, this episode unleashed an eating disorder that fortunately has already overcome. "A month before, he began to warn me, because during that month I went into despair and ate only something that gave me energy, so when he spoke to me I thought he was going to congratulate me because I had lost weight, but it was not like that" .

The then 19-year-old teenager resigned her title after having signed an agreement in which she was forced to lose several kilos without the advice of a professional.

Cynthia de la Vega reiterated her support for Sofía Aragón and assured that the reprehensible behavior of Lupita Jones must end.

“I do not hold resentment, nor is this a hateful message. But I think 30 years were already enough and if you want to continue to examine your conscience, "he concluded.

The scandal was unleashed that week when Sofía Aragón raised her voice against various abuses and behaviors suffered by Lupita Jones , who did not take long to respond with an angry transmission on Instagram, in which I dismiss different beauty queens as "drug addicts" or "alcoholics."

"The strongest symbolic violence I experienced was during my preparation. And the truth is that I think it was time to raise my voice, and I know that many queens are going to join because I am not the first, I will not be the last, "said the current beauty queen.

And he was not mistaken, his statement was joined by Cynthia de la Vega, Denisse Franco, Nebai Torres and Josselyn Garciglia, who confirmed that they received mistreatment from their mentor.

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