Three vitamin injections, immense pain and bacteria: the last days in the life of singer-songwriter Jerry Demara


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Jerry Demara's latest live broadcast detailing his condition. The Mexicali-born musician denounced on his Instagram the inefficiency of the medical staff who treated him in California (Video: Instagram @jerrydemaraofficial)

This Monday the unfortunate news of the death of Jerry Demara, a singer-songwriter of regional Mexican music, was released. more than a decade of history and a large fan base. The news of the death was made known by the also singer and graduate of the reality show La Academia , Raúl Sandoval, who days before had requested a "chain of prayer" among his followers to ask for the health of Jerry , who lost his life to presumably cause of the attack of a bacterium

Although his family has not revealed the official cause of his death, it transpired that the 2018 Latin Grammy nominee died of having contracted a bacteria that spread through his body after receiving vitamin injections . It is known that his health condition was so serious that at the end of his stay in the hospital he was connected to an artificial respirator and suffered two cardiac arrests.

Jerry, who participated in 2012 in the program La Voz México , where he gave himself to meet, sharing the stage with her coach Paulina Rubio, whom she said she admires and feels grateful for her support, made a live broadcast this Saturday, November 28 from the hospital , where she reported that she was experiencing "horrible pains" in her body, especially in the buttocks after having injected vitamins.

“No one is around? I am here at the Hospital del Centro. I'm in the hospital because I have a gluteal problem, by mistake I used three different ones… on three different days, apart and everything, I injected myself with a vitamin every day , the day before I put the last one, but it was on the same side. I have six hours of pain "12". I already took everything there was and for having and I came here to the Hospital del Centro ”, said the musician who lost his life at age 42 at the Pioneers Memorial Hospital in California in the United States.

With his face puckered with anguish and fatigue , the singer born in Mexicali also denounced the inefficiency of the medical staff, and assured that after six hours of pain, they had not treated him:

Horrible, horrible, horrible, they are bad people here, really, (I feel) a lot of helplessness, I asked for water, I'm asking for water because since I have a lot of pain my throat is very dry. And they had water ... they told me they had it inside the hospital , we are on the outside, they told me they had it inside and a little while ago I got up and wanted to go out, so things like that, I just tell them because I have a net incredible pain, I have six hours with him, you can see my face how I am, my lips are all dry and here they treat you the worst, the worst ”

“ There is a boy here who… the worst…. I have an impotence. A doctor who is also a nurse has already told them a thousand things, even about what they are going to die about, really, but it is not enough. The net is not enough, just for you to know, from the Hospital del Centro, I don't know what can proceed, what can I do . I already spoke with the manager, he gave me his number, he answered me twice and he no longer answered me, I have two and a half hours here or three hours, they attended to me on the hour, fifteen, they gave me two pills and they did absolutely nothing, The pain continues at eleven, at twelve, but hey, I send you a hug OK? ”, he concluded in what was his last transmission.

Hours before transmitting live, it was his wife Claudia Plascencia who wrote on his social network: “Jerry is very well from the Covid, without symptoms . What it brings is an intolerable pain in the leg and buttock, he almost fainted, delirious and vomiting , but we are already in the Brawley hospital, we hope things turn out better here. From this message it could be inferred that the musician would have also suffered the contagion by coronavirus.

It was Claudia herself who this afternoon lamented the death of the cachanilla: “Family and friends, the love of my life is already enjoying the Glory of God. Thank you all for your prayers, I love you forever.

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