Together again? Danna Paola appeared with Sebastian Yatra on Instagram and raised doubts


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Actress Danna Paola was very happy to reappear next to Sebastián Yatra in an Instagram photo taken in Mexico City a few hours ago. And it is that they were also seen together during a collaboration they had for the 2020 Premios Juventud and will also be partners in the Nickelodeon Kid Choice Awards, which will be at the beginning of November.

In addition to Danna Paola and Yatra, the photo also shows Diego Boneta and Macarena Achaga, who will be the stars of the next season of Luis Miguel's series, in which Achaga will play Stephanie Salas in the famous biography of “Sol de Mexico".

The photo revived the rumors that they have more than a friendship, this after the followers of both were competing with those of Argentina's Tini Stoessel in the supposed fight that both had for the Colombian. However, each on their own was dedicated to rejecting this version even though that does not explain the exchange of hints between Stoessel and Danna Paola.

While the actress has concentrated on her music since the pandemic has allowed her to go out again and have suffered with the episode of this Pablo, to whom she dedicated a song after meeting him in Spain. The singer also denied that she had a romantic interest in him and even spoke about the disappointment she had to face when she found out that he did that with all the girls who passed through the area.

In addition to that he also responded to an alleged hint that Tini Stoessel had thrown at him, who had said the following phrase when promoting his single: “Now I understand its bad reputation ... but whoever does it sooner or later pays it ”. The reference to “Bad fame” points to Danna Paola's song with the same name, however, after the hint, Danna Paola published the following message:

The truth is that ... what can I tell you, now that <i> Bad Fame </i>, <b> I shield myself with my song because it's the same as always, they'll invent me until if I go out with ... come, Come take a picture with me and I'll go out with him ... even with Christopher Uckerman for commenting on a photo on Instagram </b>

While Sebastián Yatra has been seen a lot in Mexico because he has appeared with Yalitza Aparicio to spend the national holidays and he was even seen with Armando Manzanero with whom he tasted some maguey worms in order to taste the delicacies of Mexican cuisine In both appearances, yes, he was seen drinking mezcal.

Although Yatra himself admitted that the maguey worms dish did not particularly attract his attention in terms of whetting his appetite and said that it was only Armando Manzanero who dared to eat the exotic dish, which was accompanied with guacamole.

The publication obtained, in less than an hour, almost more than 85 thousand likes and the followers of the artists filled it with comments in which they dedicated messages of appreciation and affection to all. Both were related as the four elements, so says Danna Paola's comment in the publication:

And here the 4 elements gathered in cdmx ... stealthily majestic and freely unconditional

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