Tonita's hard past: the former academician revealed the harassment she suffered


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The singer Toñita was sincere and revealed unfortunate aspects of her private life, as she recalled how as a child she was the victim of adult bullies , so these episodes in her life have remained in her memory until today, when she admitted that the attacks They even made him modify his way of dressing. After passing through La Academia, a reality show for musical talents that launched her to fame in the first decade of the 2000s, the interpreter revealed that she was sexually harassed from the age of 10 because her physique developed rapidly .

Now that she is the mother of a girl, the singer admitted that this has been one of the crudest episodes of her life, so she hopes that her daughter and all women do not have the same luck. Toñita assured that because she had a woman's physiognomy, being only a girl, she had to deal with the harassment of men. This is how the Veracruz woman who graduated from La Academia said it :

“I remember that they yelled at me 'what a delicious mommy' and I was 10 years old and had a crazy pompom, and then it was not very pleasant for me. Like all women, I think I did go through harassment. It happened to me that he said things to me and I mentioned them. The gentlemen who told me that at the time, they realized that I was a girl, "he expressed for the cameras of the program Come joy.

Some time later, Antonia Salazar Zamora, her full name, was the victim of an adult man who touched her in a repair shop where they both worked in Mexico City , a situation that, although it bothered her, she did not fully understand because it was a naive girl.

“I was working in a place and then suddenly it touched me , you know, the touch, I was very small, I was 13 years old, so it was difficult for me to understand the situation, he was like 30 years old and he was conscious, but at my young age, maybe I wasn't plotting so much, "continued the artist who had to move from Tantoyucan, Veracruz, her hometown, to support the family economy working in the country's capital.

When you have pomp all your life, you do have to take care of certain things and it does cause you a little of ... that they say very strong things to you

The interpreter confessed that, tired of the constant harassment by men in the street, she chose to modify her style of dress "hiding her femininity" to the degree of wearing masculine garments to go unnoticed. Toñita also assured that her time on the TV Azteca reality show was a great help for her life, because it was there that she learned to tame her fears and face the situation by highlighting her beauty.

He said that thanks to the classes inside the academy of talents and the live performances, she was able to give way again to her sensuality to remove the fears that began as a bullied girl: “I dressed like a boy, I was almost a boy, they thought I was“ from the other side ”, because he always wore very masculine clothes ”.

These fears made Toñita teach her daughter to defend herself against possible attacks and instilled in her to have the confidence to express them to her if they happened, and explained that she delayed her daughter's entry to “maternal”, before kindergarten for fear that, because I did not know how to speak, I would not be able to communicate possible attacks.

“My fear was that (my daughter) would not be able to speak and that she would not know how to tell us, so I, as a mother, waited for my daughter to speak; I told him that if someone touches you like that, it's wrong, "he concluded.

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