Trump will make Mar-a-Lago his new residence after leaving the White House


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Donald Tump's residence in Mar-a-Lago is under construction while Melani looks for a school in Florid a for the couple's son, Barron , reports People magazine . "It makes sense that he wants to be there and will make the mansion his home," said a source about the president, who has not yet publicly acknowledged that he lost the election. When Donald Trump leaves the White House on January 20, following the transfer of powers to Joe Biden, he will likely head to his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach, Florida. That is where he and first lady Melania Trump filed their "declaration of domicile" last year, changing their permanent residence until then established in New York. The White House, of course, is silent on his post-presidency plans, at least publicly, as he continues to make unsubstantiated allegations of fraud in the elections he lost.

Mar-a-Lago staff have been preparing the new one. home of the Trumps, including the renovation of the residence he bought in the 1980s. "Donald's apartment, which once belonged to the creator of the Mar-a-Lago estate, Marjorie Merriweather Post, will be expanded and fixed." a source close to the president has told this magazine. “They are renovating their apartment inside the Club Mar-a-Lago to make it bigger, more modern and comfortable for their use,” he adds.

Trump, 74, and his family are expected to spend a lot of time in Palm Beach where at The president likes to spend many hours playing golf although they will also visit other of his properties, such as his club in Bedminster, New Jersey, and the Trump Tower in New York City, where they lived before settling in the White House. also a retreat liked by the first lady, 50 years old. "He wouldn't want to be in Palm Beach in the height of summer, but he loves the place and his friends here," says the source. "And his golf club is minutes away in West Palm Beach." He also adds: “No matter what is happening in the world, in Mar-a-Lago they treat them like royalty. They love being here. ”

A house is also being set up for Melania's parents who take care of the 14-year-old Barron and their daughter. They have also resided in the White House with the president.

During the time that Trump has been installed in the White House, his trips to Florida for weekends or vacation periods have been frequent. There have been so many trips to the area that they even investigated the cost of trips at the beginning of his mandate that occurred almost every weekend.

Mar-a-Lago works as a private 27-hole golf club in the that to be a member - he has 500 - you have to pay a membership of $ 200,000. A figure that was half before the Republican was elected president, but which the Trump Organization says was a reduction due to the recession that hit the country. Of course, healthy economies such as that of Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley - who celebrated their wedding there in 1994 - can rent it for specific events. Donald Trump's family has a section reserved just for them and the patriarch decided to rename it and now calls it the South White House. Not surprisingly, his constant visits have made it clear that it is suitable for all seasons of the year and not only for winter.

When the businessman and current president of the United States went through financial difficulties in the early nineties he wanted to divide the land to put it for sale, but Palm Beach wouldn't let him. So, he turned it into a private golf club. Trump, in the first election campaign, responded to criticism about his lack of political experience by stating that his business on the island of Florida offered a lesson on how the United States, since under his leadership Mar-a-Lago became one of the symbols of your financial success. He added tennis courts, a spa , remodeled the house on the beach and had a Louis XIV-style ballroom built, where personalities such as Bill Clinton , Tony Bennett and Joan Rivers have passed .

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