"Unfortunately it has been positive": Ariel Miramontes has COVID-19 and the work "In the dark makes me laugh" was suspended


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Actor Ariel Miramontes, famous for his character as "Albertano", tested positive for COVID-19.

It was the producer Alex Gou who announced the news this Friday afternoon through his Twitter account.

And it is that Gou is the producer of the play A dark makes me laugh, in which Albertano shares credits with Ninel Conde, Benito Castro and Raúl Araiza , among others.

“As a producer, I have made a weekly commitment to test my companies for COVID. Unfortunately, Ariel Miramontes has tested positive. He is asymptomatic and well. A Oscuras Me Da Risa is suspended until further notice ” , he indicated on the social network.

Mauricio Barcelata was one of the first to react to Gou's tweet.

In fact, he revealed that he and his family were also infected.

“We will go out friend ... we will go out. I still took care of myself with my family to the maximum! And the four of us (first 2 and then 2) were positive ”, he commented.

For now there is no information about whether other members of the cast are infected

Just this week Ninel Conde was in the news for having married in the State of Mexico, after the delegate in Miguel Hidalgo, Víctor Hugo Romo, prevented her from performing the ceremony at the Museo Casa de la Bola.

Alejandro Gou was one of the guests at Ninel's wedding. Raúl Araiza was also present at the ceremony that unleashed a scandal in the entertainment world in Mexico, as Conde did not have the permission of the mayor Miguel Hidalgo for the ceremony and suddenly had to change the location.

“El Negro” Araiza shared on his Instagram account a photo of his presence at the celebration, both in the company of his girlfriend, María Amelia Aguilar, and the producer Gou.

Just at the beginning of October Ariel shared a message with his followers on Instagram to talk of his excitement to return to the stage.

“After half a year without working on stage, today October 9 we will have the pleasure of raising the curtain of the #teatroaldama with a work that is already a classic of the Mexican comedy #aoscurasmedarisa It is without a doubt a privilege to work with anything that gives us pleasure, I have no words to describe how happy I feel to step on a stage. Thank you very much to all the public who have bought your ticket and who will go to see the play, we promise to take care of them with all the health regulations that the Secretary of Health asks of us and that they are going to have a lot of fun @gou_producciones @alexgouboy Thank you once more for making me an accomplice of such intrepid adventures, ”he wrote.

With a rate of infections increasing throughout Mexico, a few weeks ago Alex Gou had decided to venture back to the theater with an audience in the country's capital.

In addition to A Oscuras Gou gives me Risa , Gou is behind the play El Cuarentenorio comómico , where they work -among others- Daniel Bisogno, Cepillín, Los Mascabrothers, Arath de la Torre and Eduardo España, in his role as “Márgara Francisca” .

The work does not was free from controversy, although not because of a health case, but because of the departure of Aylín Mujica, who said he was the victim of an express kidnapping in CDMX, although he did not file any complaint and raised suspicions between Gou and Bisogno for the The circumstances in which it would have happened.


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