"We did a fantastic chemistry": Francisco Gattorno remembered how the kisses with Angelica Rivera were in "La Duena"


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Actors Angélica Rivera and Francisco Gattorno starred in the successful telenovela, La Dueña in 1995, but it was the Cuban actor who revealed how he experienced filming 25 years ago and even how the kisses were with his co-star, with whom he still has a close friendship relationship

Gattorno told how it was living with the protagonist of several Televisa melodramas more than two decades ago and some details of the friendship that led him to visit her in Los Pinos, when she was still the First Lady because she was married to him. then President of Mexico, Enrique Peña Nieto.

In a conversation with the now host of Suelta la Sopa , Aylín Mujica, Francisco Gattorno confessed that next to Angélica Rivera he learned to drink tequila.

“We made a fantastic chemistry”, the Cuban actor was sincere for his compatriot.

But Gattorno also spoke of Angélica Rivera's kisses thanks to the questions of Aylín Mujica: “Was she kissing well?”

"Yes (she liked the kisses of the 'Seagull', Angélica always had good breath. I think she taught me to drink tequila," he highlighted in the interview.

The actor also commented that on some occasion he came to visit her in the then presidential residence: " I saw it when I was first lady and she invited me to take office ... I never made it to the 'White House', I saw it in Los Pinos."

The so-called "White House" is home that the then presidential couple would occupy at the end of Peña Nieto's term and that sparked great controversy because it had a value of 86 million pesos (7 million dollars), resources that generated many doubts and led them to withdraw from the purchase.

A Despite the scandal, in Los Pinos Angélica Rivera also enjoyed great luxury. A month ago the Cuna de Grillos portal revealed that the actress had her own "White House" inside the former Presidential Residence.

Francisco Gattorno is not the only one who has told his experience to work jar with Angélica Rivera , either in La Dueña or other Televisa productions.

In an interview for the program Suelta La Sopa , Aylín Mujica admitted that she had some problems with Rivera in 1995 after the actress realized that her character She was going to have the same style and hair color as her in the aforementioned melodrama, so from that moment she felt that Angelica held her resentment and anger that was shown in later attitudes.

This happened during the numerous auditions in which she was would define who would be the main character of La Dueña , which put the two actresses in direct competition, which worsened when Angélica won the lead and claimed her because they had the same hair style.

“One day she touched me in the dressing room and he said 'you know you have hair like me'. And I'm sorry. And at that moment he did me a great favor because Fabiola (my character) became famous with glasses and some ponytails ", he commented before emphasizing that afterwards they did become friends.

For Alejandra Barros the experience was different, since when recording Mariana de la noche had the support of the one known as “Seagull” to take her character on the right track.

“First I learned that doing a casting and staying with her character has to give you a lot of security and Angelica was always there to give me the replicas in whatever tone was necessary , if the scene had to be repeated 15 times, it was always there at the foot of the canyon ”, said the actress.

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