"We were not two, we were one": the moving love story of Flor Silvestre and Antonio Aguilar


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On the afternoon of this Wednesday, November 25, the death of the actress and singer Flor Silvestre was announced at the age of 90 , who lost her life due to complications in her health derived from heart conditions that she had been suffering from since months ago

The figure of Mexican gold cinema and traditional regional music left this world surrounded by her children and grandchildren at the El Soyate ranch, in Zacatecas , where the artist resided since 2007, the year her great love died , the Mexican charro Antonio Aguilar. And it is precisely that great figure of Mexican song with whom he had a passionate romance for more than 40 years , his story being one of the most moving on the national entertainment scene.

Guillermina Jiménez Chabolla, the artist's real name, was a beautiful and talented woman, being discovered at age 20 when she was released to the movies . From then on, her work positioned her in the public's taste not only in Mexico, but in other American countries such as Argentina, Venezuela and Colombia, consolidating her success and serving as an ambassador of the country's musical tradition.

Her first contact with Antonio, with whom over the years he formed the "Aguilar Dynasty", occurred in 1950, when both coincided in the facilities of the radio station XEW , also known by its current commercial name W Radio , one of the oldest stations in Mexico). At that time, Flor was conducting a program called Incredible, but true , which combined with her musical career .

Who at that time was already a well-known figure in the Mexican music and film scene, had as a guest a new artist who he was known as " Toni " Aguilar. "Suddenly it comes: 'much pleasure' and now, he sang beautiful, classic things, double steps, that's how Antonio came into my life, singing and I singing ranchero ," the singer commented in a past interview. However, theirs was not love at first sight, but it was given as a few more years passed.

Already for 1955, by chance of fate they were chosen to star in the emblematic film The footprint of the jackal , but it was until 1957 when it emerged the romance during the filming of the film El rayo de Sinaloa .

“Then I discovered in her her feeling, her feeling, her cleanliness, her beauty inside and out, her way of thinking, her sentimentality, her delicacy, her femininity and I had no choice but to fall in love with her, ” the famous Mexican charro commented on life .

Flor once said that during the filming of said film, the singer wooed her on horseback. This is how he narrated his first approach:

He told me 'here, have a piece of sugar, give it to your horse who was very well behaved'. I was giving the horse the sugar and he gave me a kiss from behind here (on the neck)

Antonio Aguilar jokingly said that he did not fall in love with Flor Silvestre because "I was singing opera, operetta and zarzuela, and she sang weird little songs: rancheras, mariachi and those little songs . " Finally, Antonio and Flor were married in civilian ways on October 29, 1959, at the El Soyate ranch, in a marriage that was not the first for either of them. Flor previously had three children with the driver Paco Malgesto, whom Antonio raised and loved as his children.

In several of her son Pepe Aguilar's vlogs , Flor Silvestre told stories of her with her beloved husband who died on June 19, 2007 as a result of complications from pneumonia, which was controlled, but led him to a picture of acute exhaustion that affected his kidney and lung function.

Flor reported on several occasions that she was already prepared to meet again with her great love: “I'm ready to go there with him where he is. I remember his things and I love him more and I tell him: I love you, I still love you, I love you very much ” , he confessed in his documentary My destiny was to love you.

In that same material, the deceased today appeared with watery eyes, telling how her husband built the home in which they lived together for more than 40 years:

I have portraits of him everywhere, he is in every brick and in everything in this house ... In my house he put quarry flowers everywhere so that no one would dare to doubt that the house had been built for his flower . .. I live from his memory ... It is the greatest thing there is, that your partner is part of yourself, we were not two, we were one ... It gave me so much happiness and made me very happy. I can't even say how cute he was. It was my everything. ”, He said some time ago.

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