When Henry found Meghan and everything jumped through the air


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The expectation that has led to the output of the book on the relationship of Prince Henry of England and Meghan Markle is only comparable to the security measures that the US publisher in charge of its publication has taken to prevent it from being completely leaked before its release in the United States on Tuesday, August 11.

The authors of Finding freedom, tho in Spain is on sale on Wednesday with the title Meghan and Harry. In freedom, edited by HarperCollins Ibérica, claim that they have not counted on the collaboration of the Dukes of Sussex and that with this book they have only tried to "make a faithful portrait of Meghan and Henry, a couple who have often been portrayed inaccurately and who has fallen victim to spurious interests".

The details provided in their story by Omid Scobie and Carloyn Durand, members of the group of correspondents who are experts in British royalty, are thorough and if they have not had the direct collaboration of their protagonists, at least those of people very close to their environment who have certainly not spoken on their own risk. Perhaps for this reason, the British tabloids claim that this is the adjusting of accounts of the Dukes of Sussex. A couple who lived the closest thing to a honeymoon of overflowing popularity when they made known their commitment to face, almost immediately, a furious criticism not without a racist background and classist nothing outside meghan-American origin of Meghan Markle and her previous work as an actress.

Enrique is portrayed in the book as a man historically eager to lead a normal life, clinging to utopian ideals and who likes to approach people without the oropel and upheaval caused by his aristocratic origin. A child who suffered the loss of his mother, Princess Diana, and who was battered by a pain that surfaced years later in the form of aggression and anxiety. To the point of stating that after his time in the Army he was "very close to an absolute collapse, when from everywhere you get pressures, lies and misrepresentations of all kinds".

His brother, Prince William, was his main support: "The only person in the world with which I can really talk about anything," the Duke of Sussex said. Until Meghan showed up. In it Prince Henry found authenticity, a person confident and with whom he shared basic values that made him excited from the first night left for a blind date in London.

The privacy and jokes markle shared on his Instagram wall and that only he understood, blew up just six months after their romantic relationship began, when they were discovered and everything suddenly changed. He had already told her that her life was "surreal" and although she was used to performing in front of the cameras she faced "a relentless role", in the face of the relatively normal life of an actress who triumphed with the series Suits.

The prince's romanticism, his details, his spontaneity with her were enough to believe that at his side he would overcome all the problems. She was willing to learn and excited to undertake a job of greater depth than acting, although she was no longer an actress at first.

The first problems came with the racist comments of the tabloids and the frontal confrontation they provoked in Prince Enrique, who had already seen the consequences on his own mother. The warm reception of the British royal family to Meghan, especially by the warlord Elizabeth II and Prince Charles, also found fissures in the protective advice that his brother William and one of the close friends of childhood, Skippy, were determined to give to Henry. His indications that it took all the time it took to "meet that girl," cayed like a jug of water about the prince in love and only managed to cool their relationships to the point that the book claims that for months they were almost unspoken.

Meghan Markle's family also did not help the statements and actions of his brothers, Samantha and Thomas, with whom he had almost no contact and whom he had not invited to his first wedding with producer Trevor Engelson. Or his father's, Thomas Markle's. All of them claimed their ration of prominence with evident mischitombling and ill-disguised economic interests.

The thing is, the attacks started for everything and nothing: protocol errors, supposed highness, too closeness. The excited Meghan found no respite even though the British redoubled their cheers on her visits with her fiancé. The book details that the future Duchess of Sussex found help in her "faith in God, in her family, and in those closest to her."

During her pregnancy, the media gave her a break. The attacks then returned and the couple felt that the royal house did not support them enough to debunk the hoaxes, as they did with other family members. Another of the main problems encountered by the Dukes of Sussex, according to the biography, was not being able to speak for themselves and having to delegate to what the publication describes as the "slow and arsonous machinery of the monarchical institution". The Instagram account @SussexRoyal was some release for Meghan who had had a hard time getting used to not being able to address the public directly. It became the couple's main source of communication and in just 24 hours amassed 2.1 million followers.

They were happy to be able to control his speech, but Henry, eager to do many things, began to get frustrated because they were relegated to the background. They respected the hierarchies, but everything was still slow and ceremonious to them. The couple's friends referred to the old guard of the royal household staff as "the snakes", and they described the Sussex team as "the third squeaky wheel" of the palace, according to the biography written by Omid Scobie and Carloyn Durand verbatim.

They decided to spend the second half of November and all December in Canada, tired and exhausted by media harassment and lack of support from the royal family and there, secluded and concentrated in their family life, had time to reflect. Before leaving the UK, the biography states that Henry had spoken several times with his father and grandmother: s want to find a space inside the monarchy in which they might feel comfortable. But it was in Canada that they realized that they could not go back to the above, and that disassociating was the only possible way out.

On his return to the UK he leaked into The Sun who planned to stay and live in Canada, and his team did not doubt that the information came from inside the palace. The royal house demined him and gave them back the ball claiming they were upset about forcing the decision by making the matter public. For Henry his "little family" was above and he was more up against than ever than ever since he was born. The gestures told him that they had been relegated, and neither his father's words assuring that he and Meghan were part of the future of the royal family, served to convince him. The option of half-fulfilling his official duties was unsustainable. Megxit had materialized.

In the farewell, the biography claims that Meghan Markle told a friend, "I have given up my whole life for this family. I was willing to do whatever it took. And here we are. It's very sad." There are many questions left, but the first one was revealed just this Tuesday. Without titles, in the release, Meghan Markle will vote in the upcoming U.S. election.

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