"With all my heart": Lorenzo Mendez continues to love Chiquis Rivera despite the divorce, the restraining order and the kiss with Mr. Tempo


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This week Janney Marin, better known as Chiquis Rivera, requested a divorce from the singer Lorenzo Méndez, but it is he who continues to be very hooked on his still wife, despite the fact that she was already seen holding hands and between kisses with businessman Jorge Cueva .__ P__ The regional music exponent opened his heart and explained his feelings in the morning magazine program Hoy , where he commented that he will speed up the separation process for the good of both.

Lorenzo Méndez explained that there are irreconcilable differences between him and Chiquis Rivera, an argument that was used in the complaint filed by Jenni Rivera's daughter before the US authorities .__ P__ “There are little things that were not really engaging, I don't know. Here the important thing when you are with a partner is to make them happy, but if happiness did not find us together, let him find us apart and I wish him the best ”, he said when questioned by Andrea Escalona .__ P__

Despite this request for divorce, Lorenzo Méndez dedicated some emotional words to his still wife and accepted that although they are no longer together he still loves her .__ P__ “That heals over time (stop loving Chiquis), over the years, she was my wife and four years dating together. She was an excellent wife, my wife and yes with all my heart (she loves her). He is an excellent person who was there in very dark moments of my life, he was key ”, he declared this morning for the morning program .__ P__ He stressed that he has not read the divorce petition, so he does not know why he received a restraining order on behalf of his still wife .__ P__ Méndez assured that he does not take the divorce personally because he knows that the marriage was both and stressed that he will never speak ill of the person with whom he wanted to spend the rest of his days .__ P__ “She is a great Woman, it made me very happy, and I could never speak ill of someone it made me happy. I am a gentleman and you always have to respect a woman, a lady ”, he concluded .__ P__

The notorious break

For months it was known that Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez decided to terminate their relationship, but it was last weekend when a new controversy broke out because she was seen holding hands and kissing businessman Jorge Cueva.

This soon caused great controversy towards the singer, who was accused of betraying her still husband with the restaurateur known as Mr. Tempo .__ P__ “I was not unfaithful, never in my life and he knows it, Lorenzo knows it and knows the reasons of our separation. Out of respect for her mother, her daughter and Lorenzo, I have not discussed the details, ”Chiquis said in statements obtained by the Suelta la Sopa program.

Days later it was learned that the interpreter had already requested a formal divorce from Lorenzo Méndez, who was asked to cover the expenses of his lawyers and not approach her thanks to a court order .__ P__ Despite the fact that during the last days it has been hard attacked, Chiquis has remained strong and with integrity on her social networks, where she has dedicated some messages that show her state of mind .__ P__

“They will even tell you what you are going to die of, but you keep your head up , the look and the pure heart! ", He wrote on his Instagram account .__ P__ In this same social network, he shared this message about his love life. "Relationship status: Committed to inner peace, growth, self-love and gratitude", published in his stories .__ P__ MORE ABOUT THIS TOPIC

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