"Without arrogance, in private and a pardon": Niurka Marcos spoke about the Livia Brito case and why she cannot find work in Mexico


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Cuban actress and vedette Niurka Marcos spoke about the controversial case of her countrywoman Livia Brito , who cannot find a job after her services were no longer required for Juan Osorio's project "What's wrong with my family?" . It must be remembered that Brito was sued for assaulting a photographer, who was documenting the Cuban vacation in Cancun.

In a press conference, Niurka affirmed that it is not the fault of the photographer but of Livia Brito herself , who, because of her statements and her actions, earned the enmity of many people from the show business and the public.

I do not agree that because of that photographer ... I think that, first of all, his career is not over, he is having a bump. I think that the world is very extensive and that she can practice in hundreds of millions of places in the world that have nothing to do with our Mexican niche (...) No, I don't think it's finished because of the photographer, I think that ended because of your statements, because of your actions, because of what you made public

And the vedette assured that Brito made various mistakes in order not to have to apologize to the photographer , for which he acted without humility, which led to a series of complications that ended up making the scandal even bigger . Well, by not wanting to reach an agreement with the photographer, and by giving statements against the Mexicans, added to his incident with the politician with whom he wanted to shelve the investigation, they were all bad decisions:

When the cameraman thing happened, all you had to do is offer a public apology, show regret, try to have a communication with him, come to an agreement, try to ask him humbly and without arrogance, privately with an agreement and a pardon. . In addition to offering you support for your injuries and your materials. That's the first thing you should have done

According to Niurka, the worst of all is that the actress did not seek to reach an agreement but rather tried to use political influence to try to silence the complaint filed by the photojournalist, which in the end was very counterproductive because it was that same politician, Juan del Rosal, who reported the conversations on WhatsApp, in which the actress asked him to help her with the complaint, in order to have the case filed.

However, according to Del Rosal, he forgot the phone in a restaurant and someone else took it, and that supposed person would be responsible for leaking that conversation with Brito:

His mistake was to ask this politician, to help give the folder, why he burned you. In one of those he wanted to grab her bottom and she did not allow herself. I am still wondering why the politician ventilated you, why would someone ventilate you? Because he is angry, because he is dissatisfied, because he is annoyed or because he wants to hang on to your mistake to make himself worthy and correct. For one of those reasons, but the fact is that it aired you

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