Yadhira Carrillo spoke of the uncomfortable moment she lived with Edith Gonzalez, when she appropriated a wardrobe: "And now that I'm going to wear"


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In 2007 Lidia Ávila, Ludwika Paleta, Yadhira Carrillo and Edith González starred in the telenovela Word of a Woman, but although the actresses always showed great chemistry on screen, one of them recently revealed that during the recording of the promotionals a small confusion occurred that made her uncomfortable.

It was Yadhira Carrillo who said that, by mistake, Edith González took her wardrobe and this caused her some concern, since she had already done the corresponding tests and it was difficult for her to find a new outfit at the last minute to make the Promotions of the production that premiered in October 2007.

The actress, who is now away from the stage because she preferred to focus on her business and the legal problems of her husband Juan Collado, highlighted that the disagreement occurred on Broadway, New York, where they transferred the protagonists of the story to record the publicity for the telenovela.

“They told us this is his wardrobe ... I saw mine and said 'if we could change him for this one, I like this one better' and 'we can put a flower on it '... I like to accompany it with a pistol or a flower, I use accessories a lot ... I always liked to use this type of thing and they adapted my wardrobe perfectly and the next day we were going to record I arrived and no longer I was my wardrobe ”, declared the actress for the YouTube channel, Tlnovelas .

Yadhira Carrillo spoke of the uncomfortable moment she lived with Edith González

But the surprise for Yadhira came when they revealed that the one who took her wardrobe was her co-star and that she died in 2019 because of the cancer that afflicted her for several years.

“Edith González liked it and she put it on, Edith was already wearing it. They can be included in our photos of Word of a woman and there they will be able to see Edith with what I am telling them about the rose ”, added the interpreter.

Upon noticing this situation, Yadhira entered into conflict and various thoughts passed through her mind already that she had to change her look at the last minute: "'And now what am I going to wear, why didn't they tell me ?

Carrillo did not speak about how they resolved this disagreement or if this affected the communication between the two actresses, but he did show that he always had a very cordial relationship with his partner

pointed out that in the world of entertainment he has had to face several obstacles and disagreements , which are precisely those who forge character within the medium.

“You live everything, you experience such intense things, suddenly a lot of fatigue, suddenly a lot of joy, sometimes you arrive sick and it doesn't matter, you have to continue because you are on the air. It is a demanding career, where you don't always have to have time for yourself, " said the actress.

In this same talk, Yadhira Carrillo recounted the occasion when he had to grotesquely kiss Fernando Colunga, an episode that was part of the recording of the telenovela La Usurpadora .

In that production, premiered on Televisa in 1998, Carrillo had a special participation with the character of “Raquel”, who wanted at all costs to have the character of Colunga, who shared star credits with Gabriela Spanic.

“We were in a scene where the director tells me: 'Your character must be strong, she is a crazy woman, she is not measured, she is an ordinary woman, she is a woman with bad feelings and this woman wants with the character of Colunga, So I need you to jump on him and kiss Fernando Colunga, his character. ' And he listened when the director said: 'You rush him dramatically and kiss him, ' "he said.

Yadhira followed the director's instructions and as soon as they said" action, " he launched himself directly towards Colunga to give him" a grotesque, rough and unpleasant".

He stressed that this event gave him great sorrow and he will never be able to forget it.

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