"You already exhibited us": Juanpa Zurita clarified his relationship with Carlos Rivera


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Actor Juanpa Zurita was a trend on social networks after uploading a very controversial comment in which it was implied that he had a romantic relationship with his partner Carlos Rivera, both are part of the project "Who is the mask?" one of Televisa's stellar projects. And it is that after the broadcast, Juanpa decided to make a dynamic interaction with Carlos Rivera and published the following message on social networks:

One night with Carlos Rivera and his thing hit me

Given the message, various internet users and the media took it for granted that the program's hosts would have spent the night together in a romantic sense, so the next day they realized the media scandal, something that instead to infuriate them, it made them laugh a lot and they even made it known that they joked about it in text messages, which uploaded to social networks at the same time that he titled it "Love of three, it's always a bad relationship":

'Little brother they caught us,' Zurita wrote, How are you brother! You already exhibited us! - Rivera replied. Do you tell them or do I tell them? Zurita stated. 'Sooner or later it would be known, they had already been late' - Carlos continued. 'Love always wins' -Juanpa replied,' But you belong to Mario B, I am not going to break that relationship'- Carlos Rivera concluded

And it is that the actors took it with great humor and clarified that they are not a couple or anything like that and that it was only due to a misunderstanding due to the wording of the message. But one of the issues that also served for the misunderstanding are the comments related to the sexuality of Carlos Rivera , who recently claimed to have more than a friendship with the Colombian singer Maluma, with whom he recorded the single "100 años" en the one who joins the rhythm of the South American while being accompanied by mariachis.

Something that is very remarkable is that they share a very similar sense of humor because, in one of the videos that Carlos Rivera and Juanpa Zurita uploaded to social networks, both They talk about the most recent interview that Zurita did with Galilea Montijo, in which he mocks some aspects of Cuauhtémoc Blanco, without knowing that the driver is a former partner of the now governor of Morelos, something that caused him a lot of pain.

Obviously, what Juanpa wanted to refer to was the vitality and comedy of the singer, who is currently a partner of Cynthia Rodríguez, who currently works for the rival Tv Azteca, specifically for the morning show Venga La Alegría, With whom she has been in a relationship for many years and even versions have spread that both are already married, however they have never made public much information about their relationship.

"Who is the mask?" is one of the projects that Televisa has bet on and that have generated juicy dividends because they managed to bring together various stars such as Consuelo Duval, Carlos Rivera, Juanpa Zurita, Yuri and Adrián Uribe, who serve as judges of the contest, in which Other artists such as Arath de la Torre and Christian Chávez have appeared, as well as athletes such as Rommel Pacheco.


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