"You put a mole on it and it's just the same": Irma Serrano's nephew wants Belinda to star in the bioseries of "La Tigresa"


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Belinda is going through a successful period in her professional life , because after her participation as a coach in the reality show La Voz México , the singer also lent her voice for the dubbing of the animated film Trolls 2: World Tour , in addition to having done some photo sessions for some magazines

In addition to her work activities, the interpreter of En el amor hay que perdonar has also given much to talk about due to the media romance she has with Christian Nodal , whom she leads by ten years, one of the reasons why this couple has been singled out.

However, Beli looks very much in love and oblivious to speculation that the popular romance would respond to an advertising strategy to place the famous singers in the spotlight of the news of shows.

Now a new project could appear on the scene of the also actress, as it has been revealed that Luis Felipe García, nephew by Irma Serrano La Tigresa , confessed her interest in the Spanish woman embodying her famous aunt in the bioseries that is being planned for her.

It looks a lot like, you put a mole on it and it looks just the same. She's authentic, she's the one, she's very pretty, she's talented; I think I could play a great role , ”said Felipe in a call with the program Ventaneando .

The nephew of the actress who is retired from public life at his home in Chiapas, revealed that he suffered the contagion of COVID-19, a situation that mortified him, in addition to the uncertainty of the disease, also because of the risk of infecting his relatives and his famous aunt.

He revealed that it was a person who works in housekeeping who would have infected him: “It turns out that My girl is infected and I do not know how it infects me It terrifies me, my dad is vulnerable, my aunt is older . There is pure older adult, you have to be very careful. It was terrible to have said goodbye to my parents and Irma from afar, that is, it is terrible, horrible as a little boy because I was terrified of having infected them and that this thing would get out of control. ”

I have had in my life, the days in which they did the studies and delivered the results, without fear of being wrong I can tell you the biggest fear I have had in my life, "he added.

It is not the first time I know He relates the singer from Sapito with the retired deputy and senator from Chiapas, since various internet users had already made evident on social networks the great similarity between the two celebrities.

In recent days Belinda was compared to La Tigresa on the digital portal of the show Chisme no Like , hosted by Javier Ceriani and Elisa Beristain, where the similarities between these two celebrities were exposed.

Although there is a difference of almost 60 years in age between them , the similarity between the two is undeniable, especially at the time when Serrano enjoyed great fame almost half a century ago. The comparison arose as a result of the photos that the singer published on her Instagram account, where she wears an extravagant suit of red sparkles and a very charged makeup.

Irma Serrano dazzled in her youth years with her exotic beauty with which she conquered the public in the 60s, when she was launched into the artistic environment as a rancher singer, immediately gaining popularity and the ideal recognition to be able to jump to the cinema screen where she debuted in a film alongside the emblematic fighter El Santo.

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