Youtuber Nath Campos accused the influencer Rix of sexually abusing her


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The youtuber Nath Campos, who in her videos usually talks about some problems or situations that occur in her daily life, declared the influencer Rix through her social networks for abusing her sexually several years ago.

During the 47-minute video, she recalled that on one occasion she went out to a club with her friends - most of them also YouTube content creators - and because she drank a lot, a couple of them offered to accompany her home.

“I remember that we arrived at my building and that Rix, one of the friends who was accompanying me that night, offered to get on me , I couldn't walk well I was in a pretty heavy state, my other friends left and the other things I remember That night is going into my apartment, thinking that I was already at home, thinking that Rix was going to leave, entering my room like taking off my jumper and getting to bed as if to go to sleep and the next thing I remember is to Rix doing things to me while I slept ”, highlighted the influencer.

Nath Campos also pointed out that during the sexual assault she could not move her arms or legs and to date she does not know if this was due to the alcoholic state she was in. There was another reason why he couldn't defend himself.

The youtuber said that after waking up the first thing she did was complain to Rix about what had happened the night before and ran him out of his house. For his part, after leaving the influencer he sent him a message in which he justified himself by stating that he was also drunk and that he did not want Nath to get “bad vibes” by the situation, because she had also participated.

The youtuber pointed out that after the abuse she went with her closest friends, but instead of helping her, they re-victimized her by telling her that she was to blame for “getting so drunk”, that it was “something they were not surprised to hear” or that “ It didn't seem so serious to them. ”

Likewise, Campos pointed out that during the following months he had complications to continue working because in the calls they used to tell him that they would make no exceptions in hiring his abuser or not:“ At that time (Rix) had more followers than me, earned much more than me and went out in campaigns that looked for us in common, "said the affected person.

In various parts of the video, Nath Campos expressed that she felt alone, because her friends and all the people in whom He trusted only repeatedly minimized the situation he had been through. He even remarked that later he had to work repeatedly with “Rix” and try to have a more cordial relationship with him in order to continue working.

The most important people in my circle judged me and saw me as not being important and It made me feel very stupidly guilty of having put me in such a situation ”, the young woman elaborated.

After the publication of the audiovisual, collaborators of the medium such as the comedian Sofía Niño de Rivera, Gaby Meza, La Divaza, Juana Martínez, among others , they began to viralize the content of Nath Campos and endorsed their support for the youtuber.

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