19% of the last batch of more than 439 thousand doses of anticovid vaccine has already been applied: Lopez-Gatell


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So far, 19 percent of the last batch of covid-19 vaccines from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer BioNTech have been applied, as reported by the Undersecretary for Prevention and Health Promotion, Hugo López-Gatell.

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In an evening conference on the state of coronavirus in the country, the federal official reported that today there was a noticeable change in the application of vaccines by increasing 10 times in what Regarding the most recent number, this is because the massive vaccination phase has already started.

"Today we see this change seems very noticeable, an increase of 10 times compared to the most recent number of applications that were completed yesterday, you will remember that we presented here at the conference that only 4 thousand 60 doses had been achieved in the rest were completed 5 thousand more yesterday and we had this application of 9,325 but today 94,395, this is already the expansionary phase, the expansionary phase has already arrived, "commented the undersecretary.

López-Gatell reported that the operation was calibrated and as of today a thousand brigades are being vaccinated, which make up a conglomerate of federal government officials, who work collectively to bring the vaccine to different parts of the country.

"For now we are in stage 1 which is the vaccination of health personnel and that we have started in the covid-19 units, the personnel who are directly in the care of people sick with covi-19," he said.

The undersecretary recalled that the shipment of more than 400 thousand vaccines will continue, which will be guaranteed until the end of March and in the middle of that month the order of the following shipments will be made until 34 million 400 thousand doses of vaccines are completed in the product case Pfizer-BioNTech.

It also reported that all people who were previously vaccinated are being called to receive the next dose of the Pfizer.

vaccine application

"All the people who have been vaccinated in the first dose have been called all the people who have been vaccinated in the first dose have been called to return for the second dose at the same vaccination points where they received the vaccine at this time"

The federal official pointed out that he hopes that in the coming months stage 1 will be changed to stage 2 and that not only health personnel will be vaccinated but also older adults, which will be achieved with a much broader territorial deployment.


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