A one-year-old baby was infected with covid-19; "He has adult symptoms," says his mother


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Raquel Citlali is one year old and tested positive for covid-19 , for which she had to be hospitalized in an emergency at the Pediatric Hospital of the Villa located in the Gustavo A. Madero mayor's office .

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Outside the emergency room, with an N-95 mask and protective glasses, Gisela, the child's mother, points out that the symptoms she detected in her were fever, stomach inflammation and oxygenation of 84 .

“My baby is one year old and has all the symptoms that a large person can have. The coronavirus does not distinguish ages, "he told MILENIO.

While awaiting news of her baby and husband, who was also hospitalized for being infected, Gisela had to undergo a rapid test to find out if she was a carrier of the virus.

From 8 to 10 the morning she remained at the foot of the canyon waiting That they voiced the file number 16, and it is that this result depended on being able to see their daughter in the covid area.

“I do not have covid, my test was negative and that is what will validate me to be able to enter to see my baby; Even so, I will not be able to enter completely sporadically, since I am six weeks pregnant, they will not expose me either, "he said.

Her daughter's contagion, she assured, was most likely because there was an outbreak at her husband's work and "he lived with her and me."

explained that her husband is a warehouseman and some of his colleagues "went on vacation, They went to buy their toys at La Merced, at the Central de Abasto and to do things that they shouldn't because we are on a red traffic light. ”

In turn, he reproached the residents of the capital for not being aware of and not taking due precautions in the face of this emergency; “Put on face masks to protect others, show empathy.

"My baby is struggling between life and death for people who do not take care of themselves," concluded Gisela.
On the verge of collapse

Meanwhile, Mexico City is on the verge of hospital collapse after presenting 88 percent of hospital occupancy, according to figures reported in the latest report from the capital authorities.

This means that there are only 225 beds available with intubation capacity and 704 for general hospitalization in the city.

This Wednesday only five hospitals reported high and medium availability: Hospital De Especialidades Siglo XXI, Hospital De Pediatría Siglo XXI, Hospital General De México Dr. Eduardo Liceaga, Hospital Pediátrico De La Villa and Hospital Infantil De México Federico Gómez.


Source: MSN