A year of pandemic in Puebla: 71 thousand 468 cases and 9 thousand 365 deaths


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In just under 365 days of health emergency, according to data from the state Ministry of Health (SSA) as of February 26, the covid-19 has infected 71 thousand 468 people from Puebla and caused the death of 9 thousand 365 of them . That is, 13 out of 100 with the virus died.

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Although today it is considered that 100 percent of infections are by community transmission , the covid-19 arrived in Puebla on March 10 due to the importation of a 47-year-old Volkswagen worker of Italian origin, who came from Europe to the automotive plant for labor issues. He was asymptomatic and, after spending 14 days under observation at Hospital Ángeles, he was discharged.

In an interview for MILENIO Puebla , Daniel Arizpe Bravo, specialist in Critical Medicine at this hospital, reported that he was part of the team that treated the first case of coronavirus in the state caused him "a little bit of anguish" at the risk of infecting him, his family and his colleagues in the profession.

He stressed that the private institution for which he works faced "a very big challenge", but that It was the same situation for all public and private hospitals "where both human and material resources to avoid contagion and contain this pandemic as much as possible, are not relatively indicated."

That was the same feeling in the Specialty Hospital 'May 5' of the Institute of Social Security and Services for Workers of the State of Puebla (Issstep), where their 'case zero' was recorded on March 23 in the Intensive Care Unit ( UCI) .

According to José Luis González Castañeda, intensive care physician at this clinic, it was a 56-year-old professor living in the municipality of Tehuacán, who had not traveled abroad as in the aforementioned case.

"He came with respiratory distress and cough, initially it was classified as influenza, the tomography is done, we shared the images with another group of doctors who already had more experience and they told us that it was a very compatible condition with covid."

After a PCR test, the man came back positive. For the specialist, this case could be considered "a drill" in how the patients should be treated, but it "had flaws" because the next case they attended there was the head of the Service, who had contact with the teacher.

"The disease forced us to study what was being published and do an analysis of the information on a daily basis to know what was happening."

In his opinion, the medical personnel who acquired the virus at the beginning of the health contingency was not due to a lack of supplies, but rather due to a lack of discipline to use the protection material "in an orderly manner."

He stressed that the start of vaccination to health personnel and adults over 60 years of age "it was a success" of the federal government, but it called on people to maintain sanitary measures against the virus because "it is here to stay and we must have culture to learn to live with it, Well, although we must take away our fear, we must not lose respect for the disease ".

The pandemic in numbers

In these almost 12 months the coronavirus caused equally havoc among the population; However, statistically speaking, people of working age, from 21 to 60 years old , were the most affected because they represent 74.8 percent of the infections registered until February 26.

According to figures reported by the SSA, of what s 71 thousand 468 cases reported until then, 53 thousand 465 correspond to this sector of the population: 14 thousand 925 in people from 41 to 50 years old, 14 thousand 664 in the group from 31 to 40 years old, 12 thousand 589 from 51 to 60 years and 11,287 from 21 to 30 years old

Elderly people represent 18.52 percent of infections , with 13,240: 8 thousand 1 from 61 to 70 years and 5 thousand 239 of 71 or more years.

For its part, those under 20 years of age represent 4.05 percent of accumulated patients, with 2,895. In addition, the age of 1,868 patients remains to be clarified, 2.63 percent. February 21, the National System for the Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents (Sipinna) counted 1,577 cases in Puebla in nsigned -and 46 suspects- of covid-19 among people under 18 years of age: 746 women and 831 men

Taking into account that 29 minors -11 women and 18 men- died from this cause, the lethality for this sector of The population is 1.83 percent

El Sipinna noted in its most recent report that 15 children aged 0 to 5 died from the virus in the state, as well as 5 infants aged 6 to 11 and 9 adolescents aged 12 to 18 years.

In the case of pregnant women , 354 were infected in Puebla. Of these, 299 recovered, 40 have the active virus and 15 lost their lives, with a fatality rate of 5 percent

The Catholic Church also had casualties , because as of February 9, 11 priests assigned to the Archdiocese of Puebla lost life because of the virus.

Health professionals have not been the exception, since until January 25, the last cut-off date for this case, 169 of them died after being infected: 130 doctors and 34 nurses. More than 7 thousand have contracted the malaise

Even the municipal presidents have not fought the disease , because as of February 24, 41 became ill, which resulted in the death of 6 of them (General Felipe Ángeles, Venustiano Carranza, Tulcingo del Valle, Cohuecan, Petlalcingo and Jalpan) .

In addition, the Ministry of the Interior (Segob) reported that there are 395 other municipal authorities infected, such as trustees, councilors, directors and secretaries.

Regarding the 9 thousand 365 poblanos killed by the virus up to On February 26, 2,411 of them, 25.74 percent, did not suffer from any comorbidity, such as obesity, diabetes, hypertension, asthma, HIV, cancer or kidney failure, according to the ' Platform of geographic information of the UNAM on covid-19 in Mexico '.

This study found that 3,119 poblanos perished from coronavirus but at the same time suffered from diabetes; As well as 3,22 who had hypertension but died

It should be noted that the UNAM placed Puebla capital as the second municipality with the most obese people who died from coronavirus, with 1,29

According to Salud Puebla, to date they have been carried out 118,267 laboratory tests, with a positivity rate of 60.42 percent

Likewise, 208 municipalities have reported at least one contagion and 8 are still free of covid-19. They are Chigmecatitlán, Axutla, San Diego La Mesa Tochimiltzingo, Tepeyahualco de Cuauhtémoc, Tepango de Rodríguez, Tlapacoya, Hermegildo Galeana and Atlequizayan

Artificial immunization with 70% of the vaccinated population

On January 29, in virtual appearance before Congress , José Antonio Martínez García pointed out that Puebla will achieve "artificial immunization" against the virus when 70 percent of the population is vaccinated , that is, about 4 million 700 thousand people.

With data that Martínez himself shared in a press conference On February 26, Puebla has received a total of 88,991 anticovid vaccines from the federal government , 46,491 from Pfizer / BioNTech and 42,500 from AstraZeneca.

Both require a second application and have been administered to personnel per the health of public and private clinics, as well as adults over 60 years of age living in San Andrés Cholula, Puebla capital, San Pedro Cholula, Cuautlancingo and 71 localida from the Mixteca and the Sierra Negra.

In addition, on February 28 another shipment will be received with 39,766 doses of the Chinese vaccine Sinovac that will be applied to 'grandparents' of Tehuacán and Tlacotepec de Benito Juárez, mainly. This also requires a booster to complete the immunization


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