Anakinra, a drug for rheumatics, does not work to treat covid-19: study


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After putting hope in the drug anakinra , used for rheumatic diseases , as a possible treatment for the coronavirus , a recently published clinical trial revealed that it does not improve the condition of patients with "medium or moderate" pneumonia caused by SARS-CoV-2 .

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"More studies are needed in the future to analyze the efficacy of anakinra in groups of patients with a more serious infection by covid-19, " the AP-HP (Public Assistance - Paris Hospitals) said in a statement. run the test.

The study, the results of which were published in the medical journal The Lancet Respiratory Medicine , was conducted with 116 patients from 16 French hospitals.

The required criterion is that they had been " hospitalized with mild or moderate COVID-19 pneumonia " with administration of oxygen , but without receiving " ventilation. "

Of these patients, 59 received anakinra in addition to normal treatment and 57 did not.

After four days, "21 of the 59 patients in the anakinra group had worsened, compared to 21 of the 55 patients of the group under regular treatment ".

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After 14 days, "28 of the 59 patients in the anakinra group and 28 of the 55 patients in the usual treatment group required non-invasive or mechanical ventilation , or died."

After 90 days, "16 patients in the anakinra group and 15 patients in the usual treatment group had died."

"These results show that anakinra did not improve the outcome of patients with mild or moderate COVID-19 pneumonia ," emphasizes the AP-HP.
"The trial was terminated prematurely on the recommendation of the data monitoring and surveillance committee, " the body that oversees each clinical trial.

At the end of October, the French Medicines Agency (ANSM) indicated that another clinical trial evaluating anakinra had been suspended, because an unexplained high mortality had been detected among treated patients, according to preliminary data. ANSM stated that after further data analysis, this risk "was not confirmed" and lifted the suspension.


Source: MSN