Annoying grandparents vaccination in alphabetical order


By CAPosts 11 April, 2021 - 07:46pm

Older adults are not satisfied with the anti-covid vaccination, which will be in alphabetical order , since family members must come on different days if their first surnames do not match, which makes their organization more difficult.

© Provided by Milenio Abuelitos have been formed since on Sunday to receive the covid vaccine in Ciudad Madero. (Yazmín Sánchez)

In the line that has been generated in the Tecnológico de Ciudad Madero for the application of doses as of this Monday, while Transit and roads make recommendations to avoid traffic.

José Isaac Martínez argued that at Being a drive thru, they are organized between relatives and neighbors to arrive in a single unit, but it is complicated because it corresponds to them on different days.

"They already told us that it is in alphabetical order, my wife is H, I am M and my mother-in-law is E, so we cannot come the same day, how are we going to do that, I am the one who will bring them in my vehicle, That is wrong, they must allow for families, but how are we going to do it, who will help them, they cannot come alone. "

For its part, his wife Juana Inés Hernández, criticized the lack of information from the federal authorities, since they do not know by what entry the income will be and the people who are in the place only tell them that they do not know anything.

"I already asked the guards and they tell me that they don't know anything, we only know what they have put on social networks, this cannot be possible, they must give the correct information, have people here solving people's doubts and not let us thus, because they themselves generate disorder ".

He added that they did not agree to guide them in the entrance that would be occupied for the application of the vaccine and that, on the contrary, they only told them that it would possibly remove them from Avenida 1 de Mayo where they were parked.

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