California researchers discover the neurons most vulnerable to Alzheimer's


By CAPosts 13 January, 2021 - 11:17pm 28 views

A study carried out by the University of California in San Francisco in conjunction with the Weill Institute of Neurosciences has managed to identify for the first time the neurons that are usually the first victims of Alzheimer's , accumulating toxic “tangles” and dying before their neighbors.

© Provided by Millennium California researchers discover the neurons most vulnerable to Alzheimer's, Photo: SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY / Getty Images

To identify them, researchers studied the brain tissue of people who died in different stages of Alzheimer's.

They found that in one of the In the first areas affected by the disease, called the entorhinal cortex, and in another called the superior frontal gyrus of the brain, the most vulnerable cells were those that had a protein called RORB . These accumulated before their neighbors without said compound, toxic tangles of a protein called tau , whose spread through the brain causes generalized cell death and, consequently, the progressive loss of memory, dementia and other symptoms.

In conclusion, it has been concluded identified that neurons with RORB are key cells in the development of early stages of Alzheimer's.

The researchers were optimistic that their discovery will allow for more detailed studies that could finally provide answers on how the disease could be delayed or prevented.

“If we understood why these neurons are so vulnerable, perhaps we could identify interventions that they could make them, and the brain as a whole, more resistant to the disease, ”acknowledges co-lead author Martin Kampmann , associate professor at the institute.

Source: MSN