Cases of animal abuse at home grow in Tampico


By CAPosts 30 October, 2020 - 11:45am 46 views

The almost eight months of the pandemic triggered the mistreatment of dogs and cats in the southern area , but the most alarming thing is that it is about pets, the animals that are supposed to have a home.

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Between eight and twelve cases of abandonment and mistreatment are dealt with per month on average by an association focused on the rescue of animals.

“The abandonment of animals increased by 30 percent and abuse by 40 percent,” said América Sandoval Morales, founder of Patitas de la Calle.

The cases of abuse have to do with severe malnutrition effects , as well as injuries from having them tied for weeks , which become serious

The pandemic, which is close to eight months , is generating economic problems in the population and This makes them unable to provide for their pets

They let them go or simply cannot feed them, which is detected by neighbors in various neighborhoods of Tampico and Ciudad Madero via phone call or on social networks. The Street announced that the abandonment has caused an increase in the number of domestic dogs in the street, which translates into more run over.

"The little dogs cross the street with the innocence of a child and unfortunately there are very ugly people who throw the car at them instead of letting them pass," said Sandoval Morales.

For this reason, a campaign called "Do not run over them, let them pass" has been launched, trying to avoid these incidents that cost domestic animals their lives.