China Considering Mixing Covid Vaccines; official recognizes low effectiveness


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China is formally considering mixing covid-19 vaccines to increase the effectiveness of the immunizers , according to the country's top disease control official.

© Provided by Millennium China indicated that optimizing the process of anticovid vaccines could increase effectiveness rates. (Reuters)

Available data shows that Chinese vaccines lag behind others, such as those from Pfizer and Moderna , in terms of efficacy; however, they require less stringent temperature controls during storage.

Currently available vaccines "don't have very high protection rates," said Gao Fu, director of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, during a conference. press.

"Inoculation with vaccines of different technical lines is being considered," he said.

Gao said that taking steps to optimize the vaccine process , including changing the number of doses and the time period between each application, was the "definitive" solution to the efficacy problems.

China has developed four domestic vaccines that have been approved for public use. In this sense, the country can produce approximately 3 billion doses by the end of the year, according to the authorities.

The efficacy of Chinese vaccines has been studied in different countries. According to Brazilian clinical trials, Sinovac's vaccine has an efficacy rate slightly above average of 50 percent , while a Turkish study found it had 83.5 percent.

Meanwhile, Sinopharm has not released detailed data on the However, the company has indicated that two vaccines developed by its units are 79.4 percent and 72.5 percent effective, according to provisional results.

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The results of the vaccines developed by both Chinese companies show efficacy levels in line with those required by the World Health Organization ( WHO ), according to a panel of the agency itself in March. China has shipped millions of its vaccines abroad, while officials and state media have defended the immunizers , as aspects such as safety and logistical capabilities have been questioned compared to other vaccines.

"How to improve the protection rate of vaccines is a problem that requires the consideration of global scientists," Gao said, adding that mixing vaccines and adjusting immunization methods are solutions that are considered.

Officials who held a press conference on Sunday did not directly respond to questions about Gao's comments or possible changes to official plans. But another member of the center for disease control noted that messenger RNA vaccines were in the works.

"Messenger RNA vaccines developed in our country have also entered the phase of clinical trials," said the official, Wang Huaqing , who did not give deadlines for their possible distribution.

Chinese state media and popular science and health blogs have also questioned the safety and effectiveness of Pfizer's vaccine, which uses messenger RNA.

By April 2, some 34 million people had received the required two doses of the vaccines While some 65 million people had already taken a dose, Gao said.

Experts say mixing vaccines, or sequential immunization, can boost effectiveness rates. Several trials in different parts of the world are studying the effect of mixing vaccines or giving a booster dose after a long period of time. Researchers in the UK are studying a possible combination of the Pfizer and AstraZeneca vaccines.

"Everyone must consider the benefits that messenger RNA vaccines can bring to humanity," he said. "We must follow it carefully and not ignore it just because we already have various types of vaccines," Gao added.

Gao had questioned the safety of messenger RNA vaccines in the past. The official Xinhua news agency quoted his statements in December saying that it could not rule out negative side effects because it was the first time the vaccines had been used in healthy people.

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