Cloth masks continue to be effective against covid-19, says WHO


By CAPosts 22 January, 2021 - 06:43pm 33 views

The World Health Organization (WHO) affirmed that cloth masks are still effective, even against new variants of covid-19, because the mode of transmission is the same, reiterating that it does not plan to change its recommendations.

© Provided per Millennium Face shields will continue to be worn while herd immunity is achieved nationwide. (AP)

"All people under 60 years of age who do not have particular health problems can use non-surgical cloth masks," said Maria Van Kerkhove , head of pandemic management at WHO.
"In areas where the virus circulates, you have to wear a mask when people are crowded together and it is impossible for them to be at least a meter away from each other, and also in rooms with little or bad ventilation" Van Kerkhove added at a press conference.

Germany and Austria have just imposed the use of medical masks (surgical or type FFP2) in shops and transport. The French government calls for the use of some fabric masks such as those made at home to be stopped, because it is believed that they do not filter enough in the face of new, more contagious variants of the coronavirus.

"Countries are free to take whatever measures they consider necessary, " said Maria Van Kerkhove.

But, even with variants that may be more contagious, "we have no clue to suggest that the mode of transmission has changed," he explained. That is why "at this stage we do not intend to change" the current recommendations.


Source: MSN