Complicated weeks are coming due to year-end celebrations: Civil Protection


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The State Coordinator of Civil Protection, Ricardo de la Cruz Musalem, pointed out that they continue to work with the different areas of government and have implemented operations to prevent more infections of covid-19; however, complicated weeks are coming due to all the year-end celebrations such as December 12, 24, 25 and 31, as well as January 6.

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Although hours have been restricted in commercial establishments and massive events have been suspended, he stressed, private meetings persist in homes where infections have proliferated

During his meeting with members of the National Chamber of Commerce (Canaco ) of the Toluca Valley, said that in the face of the celebrations for the Virgin of Guadalupe, they are working so that pilgrimages do not go out or people go to churches , but there must also be awareness on the part of the faithful so that there are no parties or meetings.

The churches, he recalled, are concentrated at the orange traffic light and can open with a capacity of 30 percent, something that they will ask to be respected. Although there are sanctuaries such as Chalma that is still closed, that does not prevent people from wanting to arrive, the same as Cuautitlán, so they will be deployed.

“On the Day of the Dead we closed pantheons, only five municipalities remained open, that helped us lower the incidence, however, we detected that people had parties at home, and it may be that with the Virgin of Guadalupe it is the same. Although the governments of the three levels are very strict, the conscience must fit in each person ”.

He clarified that Civil Protection cannot cancel a family reunion because it is not an economic activity, it is rather a municipal faculty, however in case there is music, marquees and many people, if there will be a sanction .

He also referred that they maintain the operations to verify that the establishments - food centers, shopping centers, food places or bars that seek to open - comply with the provisions such as opening one hour less, especially since the metropolitan area of ​​Mexico City is the reference thermometer in the number of infections. "In some cases there is confusion because there, for example, the casinos are open and the entity is not."

He affirmed that they are also pending the provisions of the restrictions that some municipalities have issued, since they go much further than those imposed by the federation and the state. “We have a faculty in the high and medium impact sectors, those of low risk correspond to the municipalities. From March to date, we have carried out 15,336 operations. ”

Faced with the initiative to eliminate the Single Feasibility Opinion (DUF), he indicated that the solution is not to eliminate it and pass it on to the municipalities , since there are very technical issues such as those of High risk such as gas stations and gas stations, which require a lot of attention and due to lack of technical training can be complicated.

“If you go to the municipalities there will be 125 criteria. In the DUF we cannot cover the sun with a finger, if there have been some issues such as the lack of agility in the procedures, which generated a delay, but it is true that changes have been made: a reduction of requirements in all areas and He went to Urban Development and Public Works, where they are giving him a lot of agility ”.

At the beginning of the pandemic, he said, there was a major interruption in the reception of folders and also the departure of accredited consultants and companies. “ In our case, if there are conditions and they have the previous folder, we are granting extensions . To date, the most recurrent cause for its not being approved is the lack of documentation or sometimes because it does not correspond to the place they are requesting. ”

Finally, de la Cruz Musalem explained that they have verifications in terms of state Civil Protection and many of the personnel they are doing inspections for the issue of covid-19 and are not reviewing documentation as such. "If the civil protection verifier goes alone, the process is not right, because we always go with INVEAMEX, Comptroller's Office and sometimes Coprisem".


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