Cortazar Community Hospital will be improved


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With an investment of more than 18.2 million pesos and in order to improve health services in Cortazar , the Secretariat of Infrastructure, Connectivity and Mobility (SICOM) will expand and remodel the Community Hospital in that area.

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Tarcisio Rodríguez Martínez, head of the SICOM, reported that some of the works that will be carried out in this hospital will be improvement actions in the areas of Tocology, Surgery and Emergencies , in addition to creating a Dignified Waiting area for patients and family members of the users.

“In the Surgery area, the general corridor of this section, the post-operative recovery room, the nurses' work space, the anesthesia area and the toilet will be remodeled. Regarding the obstetric area, work will be done so that it has an obstetric evaluation and preparation office, an expulsion room, nurses' work space, sterile warehouse, two preparation beds, two postpartum recovery beds, and areas of septic, toilet, storage and clean clothes, ”said Rodríguez Martínez.

In the same way, the Emergency area will be remodeled so that it will have three observation beds, a nursing facility , a shock room, footbath / decontamination, an oral rehydration area, a casting and healing room, an office for taking of signs and triage, social work office, as well as control area and cash register.

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