Covid-19 patients infect half of their household members


By CAPosts 30 October, 2020 - 03:05pm 34 views

Washington. People who contract Covid-19 infect about half of the inhabitants of their homes, and adults appear to be more contagious than children, according to a study by US health officials released on Friday.

© Provided by La Jornada A study conducted by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveals that Covid-19 patients can infect half of the people they live with. Photo Roberto García Ortiz

Many investigations have tried to determine the exact risk of transmission within families under the same roof, with highly variable results, but suggesting that children are less likely to be vectors of the coronavirus than adults.

The new study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is based on 101 cases of Covid-19 in two cities, Nashville, Tennessee, and Marshfield, Wisconsin, as of April.

Researchers studied 191 members from the household of these 101 "index" cases, asking them to keep a diary of their possible symptoms and to collect samples (nasal and / or saliva) for 14 days. -19? ‌ ‌ (Fifth Estate )

As a result, 102 of these 191 contact cases ended with positive diagnostic tests, representing a secondary infection rate 53%

Among the first 20 cases under 18 years of age, the secondary infection rate was 43%, while it was 57% for the 82 adults

However, the few cases where the minors were the rates ( only 20) make it difficult to generalize the result.

The authors conclude that "significant transmissions have occurred, whether the index patient is an adult or a child."

Another lesson is that less than half of the household members infected had symptoms when they tested positive, underscoring the risk of asymptomatic transmission

CDC recommends that people who think they have been infected isolate themselves at home, sleep in a separate room, use a separate bathroom if possible, and wear a mask.