Covid-19 vaccination begins in Tamaulipas hospitals


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The start of the vaccination against covid-19 was carried out in various hospitals in Tamaulipas , despite the low temperatures and a thermal sensation of 10 degrees, health personnel made long lines to enter and be immunized.

© Provided by Milenio IMSS Madero staff awaits to start with vaccination against covid-19 (Photo / courtesy)

IMSS Madero

This morning front-line personnel of the IMSS Ciudad Madero began to apply their anti-covid-19 vaccination scheme, with a total of 1,565

It was carried out in an orderly manner and in accordance with the list already established, reported section X union delegate , Nicanor Ricardi Constantino .

The reaction of the staff was positive, although they assured that as everything there is fear, but finally there was compliance in the dose, he commented.

Issste Tampico

In the Issste Tampico , 3,000 destined were received, 600 will be put to front-line personnel. After completing the process, they will be observed for 30 minutes, as part of the protocol to detect any reaction.

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