Duranguenses self-medicate and arrive seriously at hospitals after presenting symptoms of covid-19


By CAPosts 18 January, 2021 - 07:28pm 47 views

The people of Durango take home remedies and self-medicate when they have symptoms due to covid-19 and arrive seriously at hospitals , said Sergio González Romero, Secretary of Health in the state, in addition, he mentioned that there are people who do not perform tests to detect if they are found infected.

© Provided by Milenio It is important to go to a doctor who decides what is best for the patient,

“We are working hard in all municipalities trying to detect positive cases for covid and do the relevant test, and try to contain them to mitigate the pandemic. Otherwise we will not be able to. Yes, the number of positive cases has decreased, but the number of people in hospitalizations in very serious conditions has increased. And that is why mortality has increased, and we must work in every way to reduce infections and avoid the number of patients who demand hospital care and that throughout the country increased markedly ”.

The Ministry of Health seeks to detect people who could be infected in their places of residence to isolate them and if they need medical attention, they are offered

He explained that the complicated thing at this time is the increase in the number of deaths, that people until they are in an advanced state of infection ask for help and hospital care.

“They are being treated at home, and when they are very serious they ask for help, but it is too late. It is that they begin to medicate to self-medicate. To what the comadre, the compadre and the neighbor say. And it's what has gotten them into trouble. "


Source: MSN