Fatality rate for covid-19 went from 9.8 percent to less than 3% in recent days: Ssa


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Despite the fact that this week 100,000 deaths from covid-19 were exceeded , José Luis Alomía, general director of Epidmiology of the Ministry of Health assured that the fatality rate in Mexico went from 9.8 percent to less than 3 percent in the last days

© Provided by Milenio Guanajuato exceeds 3,700 deaths from coronavirus. Photo: Dany Béjar.

“The lethality had a constant decrease with each epidemiological week, in fact, this accumulated of 9.8 percent was seen in epidemiological week number 29, when we had the highest burden of cases, the highest epidemic magnitude, that we have had so far, and even so after that it continued to decline to about 3 percent that we have reached in recent weeks, "he said.

In the daily report on the situation of the new coronavirus , Alomía specified that fatality is the number of people who die per 100 cases, while mortality is the indicator that allows comparisons and has to do with the number of people who They died not only of the group that fell ill but of the entire population.

In that sense, he said that there is a significant reduction in mortality over the time that the epidemic has passed in Mexico .

"Since the first person died, the fatality is below 10 percent, 9.8 percent was the last measurement, this is for the entire season of the epidemic in Mexico."

The official said that this reduction is an indicator of how the implementation of interventions aimed at controlling the pandemic is being achieved, from preventing transmission to the fact that the patient can receive medical attention in a timely manner.

“Being able to always have a hospital bed available can help reduce fatality, to less than 3 percent. Every time and every week that has passed since the epidemic began, we have the highest fatality rates in the first months of the epidemic, perhaps fewer people were sick, but more were dying based on that percentage, but as the epidemic evolved and the measures were applied, the interventions were carried out ”, he assured.

At the same time, he maintained that mortality has also been decreasing, "it had a slight increase, mortality also reflects an increase as such, but in recent weeks it has been decreasing."


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