First dose protects 70%; infectologist


By CAPosts 08 April, 2021 - 07:42am

The first dose applied to seniors in the municipality of Altamira has 70 percent effectiveness that will protect them against covid-19, said infectologist Yesi Gisela Hernández Núñez.

© Provided by Milenio Vaccination has advanced in all the municipalities of Mexico City (Juan Carlos Bautista)

He even asked the population for patience , for the second dose. Also, that Tampico and Ma dero do not despair.

"You have to be patient, finally with the first dose it protects them up to 70 percent, similar to the flu vaccine."

As for the second dose, he explained that it is one more reinforcement, but he urges not to relax preventive measures.

“Here the question is to maintain the preventive measures that we already know; wash their hands, heal distance and face masks , which are methods that will allow them not to become infected ”.

also explained that in an effort for everyone to reach, a dose is expected to be applied in this month of April , according to the Federation has exterminated as part of the strategy they have used.

On February 17, the application of the biological began in Altamira After a retable of 23,800 doses, which ended on the 27th of the month mentioned above.

And almost 40 days after the end of this inoculation, it is the date on which the start of a second dose has not been proposed; while Ciudad Madero and Tampico are still waiting to benefit from the vaccine.

So far they have only announced the application of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2 for Tula, Reynosa, Soto la Marina, El Mante and Río Bravo , which began on April 7 and will conclude, according to the delegate of Federal Programs for Development in Tamaulipas, until April 18.


Source: MSN