Grandparents are formed a day before at the Tec to receive vaccination


By CAPosts 11 April, 2021 - 02:39pm

The Director of Transit, Aurelio Cantú Díaz , reported that an operation is being maintained at the Ciudad Madero Technology facilities, where private vehicles are lining up for grandparents to receive the covid-19 vaccine, this coming Monday 12 of April.

© Provided by Milenio Abuelitos stand in line to apply the vaccine against covid-19

He pointed out that they had the report of these units so they proceeded to verify what happened, however they were discharged when they were withdrawn since they are looking for adults seniors are not disturbed.

"They can stay properly they should not but the intention is not to hurt them, not to affect anyone who comes for their vaccine."

He acknowledged that they will be waiting for federal instructions to proceed on how the cars will enter the campus, always respecting the shift marked by the vaccination calendar.

"As for us, give us an access where so many vehicles are going to pass, we are going to proceed to give them access to the motor units."

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He clarified that according to the protocol already disseminated, people will only be able to enter contemplating the first letter of the surnames and in the event that they are not the marked ones, they will be removed to avoid unnecessary crowds.

"People who do not come with the initial letter will be invited to withdraw, but they will do that at the entrances."

Source: MSN