Grandparents endure 29 ° thermal sensation due to covid vaccine


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It was 12:20 p.m., the lines at the Ciudad Madero Technological Institute advanced without pause, and enduring a thermal sensation of 29 °, inside their vehicles and double -queuing to get the covid-19 vaccine.

© Provided by Milenio Long lines registered to receive covid-19 vaccine in Madero

Some of the cars had air conditioning, others unfortunately not, but they held the process in the various and main avenues that adjoin the tec. de Madero .

It was possible to observe the vehicular movement until the entrance of the technology in a controlled way, not in the surrounding streets, where they even obstructed the entrances to homes as happened on the streets Angela Peralta and Juan de Dios Peza, of the Colonia Los Mangos .

These lines reached up to Calle 3 and continued to the Regional, in the same way in the Mexican Army , where the cars circulated from the IMSS hospital to the Dr. Carlos Canseco hospital .

It was heard from the people who left their Vehicles that had people who wanted to get into the lines, and others argued because they were not allowed to enter their houses, because they blocked their entrances.

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One of those vehicles that came into discussion was the one corresponding to number 23, which had recently been vaccinated, a resident very close to the technology, but who could not enter his house, until the servers of the nation put order in this context.

And although they did not want to give testimony, because they are prohibited from doing so, one of them said ; indicated that the situation was under control, that they gave continuity to the registration of vehicles, that they were marked according to the number that would be vaccinated and with a phosphorescent green color the shift number was applied

The double rows, contrary to this area in Colonia Los Mangos, appeared in the Mexican Army and Adolfo López Mateos Boulevard, where the double lines were made, a situation that annoyed many other motorists, mainly drivers who provide public transport service.

Source: MSN