Grandparents faint while waiting for vaccination at UAT


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Older adults decompensate and faint while waiting for the covid-19 vaccine at the UAT Campus Tampico facilities, a grandmother had to be transferred to the hospital l.

© Provided by Milenio First day of vaccination for older adults 60-year-old at the UAT

The high temperatures, coupled with the lack of food and the long wait on the parking lots inside this university, led to at least 10 adults over 60 years old losing consciousness , a situation that mobilized doctors and bodies

Things got complicated for the grandparents at noon which is when the sun is at its highest and began to wreak havoc for everyone present, as they had to constantly drink fluids to avoid dehydration PP Things were going fine until a 70-year-old woman told her husband who was also standing in line that she felt very dizzy. She immediately asked to make room for her and began to fan her with the document folder

But things got worse when suddenly the lady lost consciousness, it was then that some other people approached to put alcohol on the back of her neck and hit her. smelling another quantity to revive the

Seeing that things were not going as expected, they decided to shout to request the presence of a doctor.

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The closest one came who, after doing a quick check, called the ambulance service to pick it up. Unfortunately, the vaccine could no longer be applied because she was taken to the nearest hospital and her husband accompanied her and boarded the ambulance so she had the same fate.

As this one, at least a dozen cases occurred during the day.


Source: MSN