Hospital occupancy of patients with covid-19 in Coahuila remains down


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The Federal Ministry of Health registers 9.12 percent of general hospital beds as of February 27, while the municipality of Torreón presents 7.96 percent , a sustained decrease in occupancy is registered.

© Provided by Milenio The Torreón General Hospital is at 19 percent hospital occupancy. (Mauricio Román)

In the breakdown by hospitals, the 71st clinic of the IMSS registers 12 percent, the General Hospital of Torreón is at 19 percent while IMSS 18 does not report hospitalized patients with covid-19.

Last February 12 In the breakdown by hospitals, the 71st clinic of the IMSS registers 31 percent while the IMSS 18 reached 10 percent and the clinic 16 also the IMSS 4 percent.

The above is found in the Information System of the IRAG Network of the Ministry of Health, which establishes on its website that its purpose is to make transparent and communicate the information on hospital occupancy of Health institutions, in the current context of the covid-19 pandemic .

The platform is in this link where hospital occupancy is revealed at the national, state, municipal , jurisdictional level and by medical unit

On Sunday , February 7, Coahuila ranked 25th nationally for its percentage of hospital occupancy With 43.68 percent , this February 14, it occupies the same place but with a lower percentage of 19.44 percent, while this February 28, it has the 29th place with a 9.12 of hospital occupancy, that is, three places from the entity that has the least cases of covid-19 which is Campeche with 4.53 percent

According to the Information System of the IRAG Network of the Federal Ministry of Health, this February 14, the municipality of Torreón, registers a hospital occupation of 14.95 percent, while in the breakdown by hospital, IMSS clinic 71 has 31 percent, in IMSS clinic 18 they report 10 percent and IMSS clinic 16, 4 percent , as regards The Regional Military Hospital has a 62 percent occupancy and the General Hospital 17 percent.

On February 7, in the municipality of Torreón, a hospital occupancy of 24.07 percent was registered while in the breakdown by hospital the Clinic 71 of the IMSS has 48 percent, in clinic 18 of the same IMSS they report 14 percent and clinic 16 11 percent, as regards the Regional Military Hospital they have 62 percent occupancy and the Hospital General 21 percent

In the breakdown by municipality Torreón, it registers 7.96 percent of hospital occupancy


Source: MSN