how to disinfect your baby's clothes


By CAPosts 29 June, 2020 - 01:25pm 19 views

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Disinfecting your baby's clothes is essential to avoid a possible illness. And we are not talking about removing stains or that garments smell nice, but to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses that can be protected in tissues; for example, the Covid-19.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine found that the virus could survive in droplets up to three hours after being expelled into the air.

How to disinfect your baby's clothes?

Remember that to avoid risks the most correct thing is that you wash your baby's clothes immediately after a walk in the park or after a visit.

Option 1

In a bowl of water, add a little detergent and a few drops of chlorine. Soak clothes in solution for a few minutes. It then washes normally and tends to avoid moisture.

Option 2

If you're going to clean it in the washing machine, add a special mixture to the load: 250 milliliters of vinegar and 25 milliliters of hydrogen peroxide. Let him do his normal cycle. Add soap and wash again.

In both cases it is important that you hang your clothes in a well-sunny area. For what reason? Some studies have found that ultraviolet light can also disinfect some surfaces, i.e. remove some viruses. (Eye, it doesn't mean it works or you should use it on your skin).

Now that you know how to disinfect your baby's clothes, don't stop doing it.