How to tell if you're sad or depressed


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© Provided by Bekia How to Know If You're Sad or Depressed Experts warn that people most likely to depression, are those that time runs short and try to meet more than they really can. That's why a mental illness like depression is more common in women than men.

It's not easy to combine a job with the housewife. There are a number of factors that can trigger different episodes of depression in a person such as dismissal at work or romantic breakup with pare. However, there may be other causes that can disrupt the proper functioning of the brain.

The leading cause of depression

Until a few years ago it was believed that the lack of Serotonin in brain activity th the main cause of depression. In addition, there are a number of specific medications for this that do not work when it comes to treating depression.

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Studies indicate that inflammation of the bro may be the great cause of the aforementioned depression since it causes a decrease in the number of neurons and poor communication between them.

There are many people who can't tell what it's like to be sad to being depressed. The truth is that the line between the two states is quite fine, hence the confusion. Also, you need to know exactly what you have in order to start the best possible treatment.

How to distinguish sadness from depression

Today, many people feel depressed, when they are actually sad and apathetic to life. Depression is quite serious as it is a mental disease that should be treated as quickly as possible to avoid major ills.

It must begin by saying that although sadness is a pretty clear symptom of depression, are not synonymous. It is normal to feel sad about a certain fact such as the loss of a loved one or being left out of work.

Sadness is usually temporary in nature and not going to produce such sudden changes in the brain. It is true that in many cases, sadness is often the antelude to depression. Being sadly attached to other factors such as high levels of stress or poor people support, can cause the person to end up having depression.

What low mood can be used to

If you can easily identify the cause you're discouraged and unwilling to do anything, it's possible that what you're suffering is an episode of sadness. In many cases, experts on the subject speak of masked depression, this occurs when physical symptoms predominate over other types of symptoms.

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Therefore a person who hurts a lot of head may be quite irritable but not sad.

Signs of depression

A person with depression cannot lead a normal life because of a number of obvious symptoms. Depression may be discussed if the person has such symptoms susfor about two weeks.

You don't enjoy anything, whether it's family or work.

The person loses weight or gains weight quickly.

Some difficulty in sleeping.

Lack of power all day long.

Lack of concentration capacity.

Suicidal thoughts at every turn.

He doesn't take pleasure in anything.

In the face of this, the person should quickly go to the doctor to receive a diagnosis and start a treatment that allows him to overcome such a mental problem. As you can see, is not the same being sad in a timely manner as being with depression.