In 24 hours Puebla reported 31 new deaths and 181 covid-19 infections


By CAPosts 21 February, 2021 - 08:34pm 94 views

Puebla in 24 hours accumulated 181 new infections and 31 deaths from covid-19, so the figure for this February 21 is 68 thousand 704 positive cases and 8 thousand 448 deaths.

© Provided by Milenio Transfer of a patient who died from Covid. (Focus Agency)

According to the technical report of the Federal Ministry of Health , Puebla remains in the fifth place with the highest number of deaths from covid-19

, with Mexico City being the first place with 33 thousand 901 deaths; in second place the State of Mexico with 20 thousand 518, and third place Jalisco with 10 thousand 47.

For confirmed cases of coronavirus, Puebla was placed in sixth place with 68 thousand 704 , whose first place is located in Mexico City with 539 thousand 990, in second place the State of Mexico with 211 thousand 705 and in third place Guanajuato with 116 thousand 938.

In active cases, Puebla reported 593 thousand, placing it in sixth position. The list is headed by Mexico City with 20 thousand 308, followed by the State of Mexico with 5 thousand 449 and in third position Guanajuato with 2 thousand 531.

The figure in the country reached 180 thousand 107 deaths from covid-19, and one million 595 thousand 320 people recovered.

Nationwide, 67 percent of general hospital beds are available and 33 percent occupied. In beds with fans, 63 percent are available and 37 percent are occupied


Source: MSN