In Tamaulipas, two 7-year-old children die of covid-19


By CAPosts 07 April, 2021 - 05:30pm

Two 7-year-old children died of covid-19 , one of them in the regional hospital number 6 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security in Ciudad Madero , while the second in the IMSS of Ciudad Victoria confirmed in its report of April 5, the National Executive Secretariat for the Comprehensive Protection of Girls, Boys and Adolescents (SIPINNA) .

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According to what was reported, minors had other diseases that could be the causes of that they lost the fight against the coronavirus , however it is not clear which ones it is.

So far the Tamaulipas Health Secretariat , in charge of Gloria Molina Gamboa , has not reported on this death, since the bulletin The most current newsletter does not refer to what happened

It is noted that until April 4 of the current year, SIPPINA confirms 49 thousand 585 infections of coronavirus in children and adolescents at the national level onal , as well as 538 deaths , which has put those in charge of this body on alert.

While according to official information, in Tamaulipas there are 51 thousand 499 infections of covid-19 , 46,096 have been recovered, 637 remain active and 4,766 deaths have occurred


Source: MSN