Indigenous Maya Leydy Pech wins world environmental award for her work in Mexico


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Leydy Araceli Pech Martín is an indigenous Mexican Mayan who today won the 2020 Goldman Prize , which is considered by some specialists as the "Nobel Prize for the environment" thanks to her constant fight against Monsanto , the US giant producer of agrochemicals.

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The so-called Guardian of the Bees led a movement that managed to stop the production of genetically modified soybeans by Monsanto in southern Mexico

Leydy Pech has dedicated many years of her life to the care and preservation of the melipona beecheii bee in Hopelchén, in the Yucatan Peninsula, which made it worthy of appearing today announced along with five other people as environmental heroes by The Goldman Environmental Prize.

“The Supreme Court of Mexico ruled that the Government violated the constitutional rights of the Mayans and suspended the planting of genetically modified soybeans. Due to the persistence of Pech and his coalition, in September 2017, the Mexican Food and Agricultural Service revoked Monsanto's permission to grow genetically modified soybeans in seven states, ”notes The Goldman Environmental Prize.

After winning the award, Pech told the BBC that since she began her fight, she has been attacked by governments and companies, who assured her that all her efforts would be in vain, but that did not stop her.

"That did not paralyze me; on the contrary, it made me seek more allies. I found strength in the unity of the Mayan people," said the environmental fighter.
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In this way Leydy Pech received recognition for the most outstanding environmental fight of 2020 in North America

The Goldman Prize is awarded annually to people like this woman, who put all their efforts to protect nature and whose work has a direct impact on the environment


Source: MSN