Johnson & Johnson says it can supply 20 million vaccines against Covid-19 to the US


By CAPosts 23 February, 2021 - 09:14am 95 views

The American company Johnson & Johnson affirmed last Monday that it will be able to supply 20 million doses of its vaccine against Covid-19 in the United States by the end of March, this, if the company has the approval of the authorities.

© Provided by Millennium Johnson & Johnson says it can produce 20 million vaccines for the U.S.

Johnson & Johnson shared the figure in written testimony ahead of its congressional hearing scheduled for today, at which supply in the country will be reviewed. Last week, White House officials warned that early supplies of Johnson & Johnson's vaccine, which only needs one dose , would be limited.

The company reiterated that it will have the capacity to provide 100 million doses to the United States for end of June. That supply will help the US government reach its goal of having enough vaccines to inoculate the majority of American adults this year.

The company aims to produce 1 billion doses nationally during 2021.

Currently available vaccines created by Pfizer and Moderna require two doses to be administered several weeks apart. Executives from both companies and two other vaccine manufacturers will also testify at Tuesday's hearing.

Johnson & Johnson's vaccine would be the first in the United States to require only one dose.

US health regulators continue to review the vaccine's safety and effectiveness, and are expected to decide this week whether to allow its emergency use.

Source: MSN