Johnson & Johnson Vaccines for California Down Nearly 90%


By CAPosts 08 April, 2021 - 08:05am

California expects approximately 90% fewer doses of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine next week, this means that the number of appointments to receive the single dose vaccine will be reduced.

© Provided by Millennium The state will receive about 86 thousand vaccines for next week, when this week he received 575 thousand. Appointments to receive a dose will be delayed

This begins when the state expands eligibility for any resident over the age of 16 as of April 15.

State health officials anticipate that allotments for all Covid-19 vaccines will drop by 367,000 doses next week to about 2 million total, down from the roughly 2.4 million doses received during this week, it said Wednesday. evening California Department of Public Health spokesman Darrel Ng.

About 1.9 million doses are expected to arrive by the week after the following week.

The entire decrease is made up of Johnson & # 39; s vaccines. Johnson, Ng said, which will drop 88% from 575,000 doses this week to around 68,000 next week.

What could cause the shipping reduction?

Last week, Johnson & Johnson said in a statement that a batch of the vaccine, manufactured at Emergent BioSolutions' facilities in Baltimore, did not meet the company's quality standards and "It never advanced to the fill and finish stages of our manufacturing process."

Announcing the economy revival plan Tuesday, California Governor Gavin Newsom said he did not expect state vaccine allocations to increase substantially until May, but did not think about the possibility of declining supplies.


Source: MSN