Key serious protein in severe covid-19 cases, according to study


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parid, A protein that the body produces during inflammation could play an important role in severe covid-19 cases and attacking it would help combat the aggravation of the disease, says a study by French researchers.

According to this paper, published Thursday in the journal Cell, there is "a very high rate", between one hundred and one thousand higher than normal, of this protein, calprotectin, in severe coronavirus patients.

"Our results suggest that calprotectin could be responsible for the aggravation of Covid-19," the study's lead author, immunology researcher Aymeric Silvin, found in a statement.

Many jobs around the world seek to better understand the mechanisms of "cytokine storm," an uncontrolled and excessive inflammatory reaction involved in severe forms of coronavirus.

"The sharp increase in calprotectin in the blood could intervene before the cytokine storm associated with inflammation in patients who develop a severe form," Silvin added.

In theory, patients at risk of developing a severe form of the disease could be detected by testing on the level of calprotectin in their blood, according to the statement of the French agencies behind these investigations (Gustave Roussy, AP-HP, Inserm), in collaboration with foreign teams (Singapore, China, Israel).

On the other hand, this clue could provide "an unprecedented therapeutic approach," as blocking the calprotectin receptor could help combat the aggravation of the disease.

"These strategies need to be evaluated with chemical tests," the statement says.

The study relies on blood tests of 158 patients admitted to the emergency room suspected Covid-19.

In more severe patients, in addition to the high rate of calciprotectin, tests revealed abnormal functioning of certain white blood cells, which weakens the immune response.

Therefore, having these two factors analyzed in a patient's admission could help identify the risk of more severe forms.

"Early diagnosis of a severe form of Covid-19 can be done in a blood tube," Michaela Fontenay, who leads the biological hematology service at Cochin Hospital in Paris, said in the statement.

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