Lack of influenza vaccine in private sector alert


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The influenza vaccine that is applied in hospitals, clinics and private clinics is not yet available for those who want to apply it or apply it.

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It is the quadrivalent vaccine, which unlike the one applied in In the public sector, it is more complete by covering two type A and two type B.

Although slowly, the vaccination campaign in the public sector began on October 9 and will end on December 31, but in the private sector, doctors and patients still do not have it and the concern grows because in previous years, at this time, they already had it

The Sanofi Pasteur laboratory manufactured 35 million doses, but for the private sector it imported only 300 thousand

The medical director of Alejandrina Malacara, the pharmaceutical company responsible for importing this input from the United States (Sanofi Pasteur), explained to MILENIO that progress in distribution in the public sector already exceeds 80 p or percent, since it began in August, while for the private sector, it only began to be distributed after November 15. 10 days later doctors and patients still cannot find it

The delay, which the pharmaceutical company affirms is only two weeks, has caused uncertainty among patients and private doctors, because in the face of the demand, the answer is simple: it has not arrived

A circular of the company Bio Tec Vacunas, SA de CV, which markets the vaccine for private users, reported on November 18 that “there is currently no distribution capacity in the market that allows us to deliver the total expected doses nor in the usual times of each year; our company will have availability until January 2021 ”.

This version coincides with the information provided by Sanofi Pasteur and with what private doctors express to their patients in private offices, who could be the last to receive it.

"They tell us that there is vaccine, but that they are importing it in small batches and that by government order they have to be distributed to hospitals and private clinics in the first instance and that, according to the import and distribution program, to medical clinics private companies would be supplying in late December early January ”, explained a doctor to MILENIO , who has even been offered doses of doubtful origin and has rejected them.
"Under no circumstances will I put the integrity of my patients at risk and I would never expose my ethical values, what I suggest is that they go to a public hospital to receive the vaccines, even the trivalent one, to protect themselves partially and not be unprotected in a way. total ”, he added.

For the doctor, this situation has generated impotence and wear and tear in private consultations

Among patients, anger and worry are mixed, especially since there are babies and children who are running out of immunization.

“Sebastian is right now and in the last consultation, the pediatrician told us that in the health centers there were very few because they were stealing them, that they had even offered him and that the private ones had not arrived, he was left with let us know when they will arrive to go and vaccinate us, ”a mother told MILENIO .
“The pediatrician told us that last year 30,000 vaccines arrived at the ABC of Santa Fe and that this year they are only going to give them 3,000… We asked that they look at us two months ago and we have been talking to the doctor, but nothing ”, said another mother consulted by MILENIO.
"Our pediatrician, for example, had a round of vaccinations, but they gave priority to children with heart disease and it is assumed that more arrive at the end of November, but very few reach them," explained another interviewee.
“The truth is that we are already finishing November and by then, in previous years, we had already been able to place it, this time, the Sanofi distribution companies, which usually have the best price, have not been able to find it for us; They no longer even answer me because they are fed up with the fact that they are looking for them, ”said a geriatrician.
"In my practice I apply it to older adults at home because they are patients who find it difficult to get it placed and this year it has been impossible for me," said the doctor, who explained that in other years, by this time, they were already finishing of applying the doses.

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Private doctors interviewed by MILENIO expressed concern about the lack of planning by the Mexican government to distribute vaccines to the private sector

"The influenza vaccine is one more link in a chain of inefficiency in health matters of the so-called Fourth Transformation and has three essential points: lack of awareness, inefficient administration and lack of planning," said Dr. Rafael Pérez Huacuja .
“The lack of vaccination planning means that, beyond statements to the media, reality prevails and the threat that diseases that were controlled will reappear with greater damage to the population is unfortunately real; The foregoing determines a shortage, a shortage that is added to that of cancer drugs for children and other basic supplies for the operation of the health system ... The fact is that getting a vaccine for influenza is currently a very difficult challenge when it was accessible until two years ago for the majority of the population, ”he added.
“My perception is that the government tried to control it by buying the entire vaccine from the only transnational laboratory that makes it, approximately 35 million doses; however, it was promised that in mid-October the quadrivalent vaccine would be released for private practice but only 200,000 doses given exclusively to furtive distributors who already have it all sold before having it in their hands, "said a pulmonologist who preferred to remain anonymous.
"In a country of more than 120 million people and with the covid-19 pandemic since March 2020, this winter we may face two devastating diseases, from which we will not be protected," he warned.
High demand for covid-19

This year the demand for influenza vaccines increased due to the covid-19 pandemic, but unlike those destined for the public sector -of which production was increased by 10 percent-, the import of dosages for the private sector did not increase and its distribution has already been delayed for at the least two semanas.

in Mexico, the vaccine influe n za applied in institutions of the public sector is trivalent, unlike the quadrivalent that applies in private hospitals

For the public sector, which is distributed in hospitals and clinics of the Mexican Institute of Social Security ( IMSS ), the Institute of Social Security and Services of State Workers ( ISSSTE ) and the Ministry of Health, the Manufacture of the vaccine, named Vaxigrip, is in charge of the Sanofi Pasteur laboratory and is distributed through the public company Birmex , it must be free and its application is prohibited in the private sector. a is manufactured in Mexico and due to the increase in demand, this year it was decided to manufacture 10 percent more than what is manufactured in a normal year, thus reaching a production of 35 million doses, that is, three million more doses than in previous years , Alejandrina Malacara, medical director of the firm Sanofi Pasteur, explained in an interview with MILENIO.

For the private sector, which is distributed through five different distributors between hospitals, clinics and private practices, the influenza vaccine, which is called Fluzone, is imported from the United States because it is different from the one delivered to the public sector.

“It is a vaccine that is imported, it is not the vaccine we make here. This vaccine is imported from the United States and it is a quadrivalent vaccine, this vaccine protects against four types of influenza viruses. Of that vaccine, we bring about 1 percent of what we bring to the public market. Why do we bring that amount? Because it is what we have normally been asked to do, ”said Malacara.

This year, despite the pandemic, that dose figure did not increase.

"The demand grew exponentially since July and August began, but by that time the vaccine had finished being produced, so there really was no way to increase production and we brought what we have always brought," he added.

Malacara detailed the differences between the offer for the public sector and that for the private sector.

In the case of the vaccine aimed at the general public, it began to be released by the Federal Commission for the Protection of Sanitary Risks ( Cofepris ) since August, while the release of the vaccine for private individuals began its release just As of November 15, about two weeks later than usual, which will postpone the period for its application.

However, the Sanofi Pasteur representative considered that, despite the delay, the recommended vaccination period can be covered.

"The latest doses will be applied in January, when it is still time to get vaccinated, because if you check the epidemiological distribution of influenza through the different seasons, which are on the Epidemiology page of the Ministry of Health, we see that above 70 percent of cases occur in the first quarter of the year -January, February, March-, so we are on time and it is good for the Mexican population ”, said the specialist.


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