Nine months later, more than 100,000 accumulated cases of covid-19 in Edomex


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The State of Mexico yesterday exceeded 100,000 accumulated cases of covid-19, after the first confirmed case was detected at the end of February of this year, according to data from the state Ministry of Health.

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The state Health Secretariat confirmed that yesterday the entity reached 100 thousand 040 positive cases detected by the laboratory, 133 thousand 014 negative cases, 25 thousand 878 suspects and 13 thousand 922 deaths.

Because isolation is a Of the most effective measures to eliminate the chains of contagion, 19,608 people who suffer from this disease are under home protection, in addition, 1,943 Mexicans are treated in state hospitals and another 1,900 in different areas of the country. In the same way, the entity registers 62 thousand 661 sanitary discharges of Mexicans who suffered from covid-19

Start of the pandemic

On February 28, the first confirmed case of covid-19 was presented in the entity, it was a patient from the municipality de Tlalnepantla.

The identification and contact tracing protocol was implemented immediately, as well as active surveillance at the International Airport of the City of Toluca, in addition more than the dissemination of the corresponding preventive measures

The special attention line for this contingency was set up, 800 900 3200, which to date has received just over 116 thousand calls and more than 3 thousand patients channeled for their medical care.

As part of this strategy, the State Health Safety Committee was installed, made up of the institutions of the state health sector, which is in permanent session

The Action Plan for Covid-19 in the State of Mexico was designed which included the formation of 284 brigades for the detection, confirmation and follow-up of contacts

March 20

Classes and non-essential activities are suspended

March 23

The closure of establishments such as child development centers, nurseries and day care centers is announced senior citizens, museums, libraries, cinemas, theaters, shopping malls, department stores, recreational parks, zoos, party halls, bars, nightclubs, c sports centers and gyms

April 17

It is announced that the National Day is extended until May 30

May 4

Hospitals that attend to cases of covid-19 begin to be protected by the National Guard, in the event of violence against health workers

May 13

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