Of 103 antigenic tests, 20 were positive: Health NL


By CAPosts 26 November, 2020 - 04:32pm 1704 views

The Secretary of Health in Nuevo León, Manuel de la O Cavazos, pointed out that on the first day of application of antigenic tests in the entity, 103 were performed , of which 20 had a positive result.

© Provided by Milenio Coronavirus Nuevo León. Photo: Raúl Palacios

In other words, on this first day there was a percentage of positive tests of 19.41 percent.

Note that in week 47 of the year, the indicator on the state traffic light of the economic reactivation of the percentage of positive PCR tests in the state was 57 percent.

While throughout the pandemic, 282 thousand 146 PCR tests have been carried out and 99 thousand 376 positive cases have been detected.

Which is equivalent to that from March 11 to November 26 the percentage of positive PCR tests in Nuevo León is 35.22 percent

De la O Cavazos, stressed that the tests that will be applied in the entity, both antigenic and PCRs are only "for people with symptoms."

For what he asked, again, not to misuse the tests made available by the state and in which "hundreds of millions of pesos have been spent. ”.

So far, he stressed, there is no data on what the state investment will be for the purchase of antigenic tests , nor how much will be purchased, he only insisted that they will have what they need.

In Regarding the economic reactivation, the state official stressed that in order for other changes to be given the green light, the occupation of covid patients' beds , the occupation of intensive care beds, as well as the cases and the deaths

Source: MSN