Pandemic forced to adapt businesses or change direction to survive


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To generate income during the pandemic, many entrepreneurs and merchants had to adapt their businesses or changed their line of business , such is the case of Evodio Gildardo Álvarez Martínez, who went from selling food and beverages to disinfecting houses, companies, offices, cars, etc.

© Provided by Milenio "A cousin who was already engaged in this, fell ill with covid, asks me for my support and I begin to learn about the business." (Tania Contreras)

Previously, she ran a restaurant-bar; However, it was one of the hardest hit businesses due to beer shortages, schedule cuts and temporary closure of non-essential businesses, for which it migrated to disinfection with thermospray.

"A cousin who was already engaged in this, fell ill with covid, asks me for support and I begin to learn about the business, then my cousin finishes his forties and takes up his schedule and that is when I join the same people who work in the bar."

At first, he said, many people did not believe in the existence of the virus, but over the months the cases increased, so there was a need to cover that became a job opportunity.

"In March of last year they did not believe, by December the chain of infections grew, at least per person we have all had an acquaintance or close one who gave them, so they begin to take the issue more seriously."

Despite the risks, he regretted that society in general goes to the service as something corrective; But restaurant, store and business owners are the ones who come closest to reducing risks and avoiding new closings.

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"In this sense, the most concerned are the merchants affected by the closures, they hire us in the preventive issue because what they want is to give certainty to the client so that they return, but the domestic service 90 percent is because the virus has already been in their house ”:

In this sense, he pointed out that the bacteriological issue has not been taken seriously, "we were not concerned, but we have to look for different tools to attack this new situation."

To carry out this activity they require a certification before the Federal Commission for Protection against Sanitary Risks (Cofepris), both for the service and for the materials they use.

"With the quaternary salts they eliminate the virus but it is not ideal for humans, the chemical we work with is organic, based on acids, which makes the virus oxidize as soon as it touches it."
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The chemist is effective for 21 days after they arrive with masks, face masks, gloves and a full suit; once in the place they ask the tenants to leave for a few minutes to spread the smoke all over the place.

To learn more about their proposal you can consult their social networks such as Sanitización Toluca or by calling 7223997745.


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