Pediatric Hospital cares for more than 100 children with burns during a pandemic


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As a result of the reconversion of the Salamanca Burns Unit for the care of patients exclusively diagnosed with Covid-19, the Pediatric Specialties Hospital of León attracted all children who were burned victims to its attention.

© Provided per Millennium Second cause of accidents in minors is the one that occurred in motorcycles

For a year the burned children of Guanajuato who were referred to the Burns Unit of Salamanca are treated in the Pediatric Hospital of León, since then about 100 minors have been treated with opportunity, informed the director Raúl Rojas Hernández, noting that it has a medical infrastructure that is at the level of the best at the international level

Due to the pandemic and the stay of children at home, during the year past accidents increased at home; Among those that stand out are accidents due to burns, fractures of children with ingestion of foreign bodies such as coins

Increase in accidents in motorcycles

In the same way it was announced that there was an increase in accidents of children in motorcycles, which has also been a of the main causes of care in the Pediatric Hospital of León. There have been documented cases of children who, after several months of confinement, found it easy to accompany an adult around on a motorcycle and have had an accident.

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