Posadas saturated hospitals in Tamaulipas and the parties continue unstoppable


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While the December holidays maintain a current hospital occupancy of over 80 to 100 percent , parties are still being detected every weekend in the southern part of Tamaulipas.

© Provided by Milenio Saturation in hospitals. | Photo / Sergio Sánchez

The December holidays have generated 100 percent hospital occupancy in hospitals in southern Tamaulipas due to cases of coronavirus, said Health Jurisdiction Two.

Héctor Pérez Monsiváis, head of the agency, assured that this percentage of occupation It is due to the parties and meetings that the month of December left in the homes

The official of the Ministry of Health indicated that this growth of cases has been sought in recent weeks in the southern part of the state with actions and with the decree, which limited some commercial sectors.

"It has been the festivities of December that have had an impact with the increase in cases of covid-19 in Tampico and Madero."

Meanwhile, deaths in Tampico and Madero have been more than 800, in addition to being municipalities that have more than 11 thousand cases of covid-19 during the pandemic that lasts ten months

Up to 40 parties on the end In contrast, the dry law on weekends does not stop the parties in colonies of Tampico, assured the coordination of Civil Protection, which in the month of January reports from 30 to 40 of these events in the colonies.

Pedro Romero Sánchez, secretary of Civil Protection in The municipality reported that 30 to 40 parties continue to be reported to C4 on weekends, in which it is assumed that there are limitations in the sale of alcohol.

Before this weekend's decree , sales were restricted on Saturdays until 3:00 in the afternoon, and on Sunday the sale of alcoholic beverages was not allowed.

However, since last weekend alcohol was not offered to the public throughout Saturday and Sunday as one of the new restrictions ordered by the Comi Tea State in Health.

Given the reports to C4, those who come to the calls in most cases are the elements of the State Police, Civil Protection and Coepris. The exhortation is made to them and, being inside the houses, sometimes the only thing that can be done is the invitation to suspend the event.

Luis Gerardo Moncada, head of the Coepris in Tampico and Madero, reported that so far no Sanctions have been imposed on businesses that fail to comply with the measures. He acknowledged that they have found areas of opportunity, but only warnings have been carried out


Source: MSN