Prevention, key to health and personal economy in 2021


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According to data from the Mexican Association of Insurance Institutions (AMIS) , the average cost for private medical care to treat patients with covid-19 is 370 thousand pesos , hence the importance of having an instrument to preserve the health and also to take care of the personal economy.

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In fact, Major Medical Expenses Insurance (SGMM) has become one of the priorities of Mexicans for this year, according to AMIS , between September 2019 and September 2020, the contracting of this type of policies increased 8% nationwide

A SGMM protects people against catastrophic expenses, such as a complication due to covid-19 or an accident that requires hospitalization , since the cost of premiums is much lower than the expenses generated by medical care.

However, it is essential that in 2021 a health plan is also added to help prevent and avoid complications actions, since patients with chronic degenerative diseases and are positive for COVID-19 have recorded greater complications.

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In addition, treatment expenses increase: among AXA Mexico insured, it was shown that the cost of medical services for people with some comorbidity (respiratory infection, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases) was 60% higher than those without any disease

Early detection of diseases such as cancer and diabetes is essential to increase the chances of recovery. Likewise, constant monitoring of symptoms for mental disorders is key to preventing depressive or anxiety disorders in children, adolescents and adults. In all cases, it highlights the importance of going to the doctor on a regular basis to prevent health effects

Faced with this situation, the AXA Keralty alliance has created an innovative system that provides primary medical care focused on prevention adhering to intentional protocols, through its five centers located in Mexico City, and one in Monterrey, Nuevo León.

Until the previous year, the AXA Keralty alliance's Medical Care Centers have provided more than 53 thousand consultations to its more than 63 thousand affiliates, with a satisfaction rate of 87%. In addition, they have made more than 32 thousand consultations by videoconference, offering a medical service remotely to their associates.

Go to the doctor with the appropriate frequency, carry out a complete check-up at least once a year and do studies periodically to know our state of health, will help us prevent health complications and money.

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